Lin Family Leisure Farm Before exploring the fields tourists can first paint a bit: this farm offers “complete DIY” activities.
Lin Family Leisure Farm
This is a place composed of a leisure farm and a B&B. The owner of the farm, Lin Mu-Cheng, worked for 40 years away from his hometown and returned to retire…


This is a place composed of a leisure farm and a B&B. The owner of the farm, Lin Mu-Cheng, worked for 40 years away from his hometown and returned to retire. At that time, Xihai applied to become a leisure agriculture worker. By chance he became involved in this industry, helping manage the financial matters of the area. He then joined in with a flower agriculture production and marketing group, providing many creative ideas. Even after retirement, he just gets busier and busier.
The farm has been established for only three years. As he is not a traditional farmer, Lin Mu-Cheng brings more imagination to agriculture. For example, when the market in Xihai mainly provides cut flowers, he thinks of doing something different and attracts tourists to appreciate flowers as they grow and bloom in the fields on the farm. So instead of just picking flowers, he grows also all different kinds of flowers.

During the busy farming season, tourists frequently see farmers with bamboo hats picking flowers in the flower fields in Xihai. Tourists wear colorful bamboo hats that they’ve painted themselves. With hats as colorful as the sea of flowers itself, the field is full of laughter. During the non-blooming season, the farm also provides many other interesting activities. Lin Mu-Cheng said that he hopes his farm is different from others. He wants to make it innovative, but it is taking his time to get it right.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


What else can you do with flowes besides admiring and picking them? How about going down into the fields with everyone wearing a different hat, imbuing the fields with the liveliness of folks? For tourists who don’t fancy picking flowers, Lin Yuanju also has flower stalks and bouquets, so you can bring the flowers you enjoy all the way back home.

Lin Yuanju has also successively developed the roselle jam and frozen baked sweet potato. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that their jam only contains the two raw materials of roselle and sugar filled in tiny round jars. After repeated experimentation, it is found that the sweet potatoes of uniform size are the best.

The farm also has a variety of “one-stop” DIY experiences, such as pulling radishes. The farming experience does not end here. you have to wash the radishes, cut into pieces, and make Korean-style “fried chicken radishes”; if you want to control the kiln, you have to start with the piling of dirt at its base and work your way up by yourself. The most popular cartoon-shaped car “POLI” in the park can be used to feed sheep, enjoy flowers, and dig for sweet potatoes.


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No. 56, Ln. 1370, Shengde N. Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City 337 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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