Qiu Zhengbin, who is involved in the mechanical engineering industry, is reluctant to leave this land barren because of his parents’ advanced age and the fact that he grew up here.

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Therefore, he decided to resign and return to his hometown in 2016 to establish “Bei Yan Jiu Farm”. He stopped planting betel nut trees that are not conducive to soil and water conservation, instead planted pomelo trees and insisted on natural farming methods which are friendly to the ecological environment. He combined these with his baking interests by kneading pomelo peels into bread, so that more people can learn about pomelo and thus achieve the goal of food and agriculture education.

Bei Yan Jiu Farm has a rural environment. The earthern hut on the farm is the old house where Qiu Zhengbin’s family lived in the past.

The main fruit on the farm is pomelo, which is in season from October to November every year. The pomelo production season is short, so in order to allow tourists the chance to taste the deliciousness of pomelo regardless of which season they arrive, Qiu Zhengbin processed the pomelo pulp into pomelo jam , and added pomelo peel to European bread to create a special taste of “freshly-picked pumpkin”, munch in and get a mouthful of pomelo fragrance.

Furthermore, due to the height difference of the farm’s terrain, some pomelo trees cannot be reached by hand so a net is used to harvest the pomelo, allowing tourists to experience the unique fruit-picking activity of “pomelo-fishing”. There is a wood-fired kiln oven in the farm, and visitors can experience tasty and fun DIY European-style bread.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Qiu Chengbin insists on not spraying pesticides and uses grass for cultivation instead, refusing to use herbicides that have an adverse impact on the environment and uses natural farming methods to grow pomelo. As a result, Bei Yan Jiu Farm has a rich ecology. Not only is it a certified friendly environment towards leopard cats, you occasionally get the opportunity to take pictures of leopard cats, catch sight of pangolins, chinese box turtles and other animals walking through the woods.

To facilitate the arrival of people on the farm to get a more in-depth understanding of pomelo-related knowledge, in addition to designing pomelo-picking activities to experience farm life, Qiu Zhengbin leaned on his own baking interests to make pomelo-related processed products, prepared in a health-oriented method with no added sugar and oil, and make delicious European-style bread with freshly picked pumpkin which tourists can buy and enjoy at home.

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No. 3, Longteng, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County 367003 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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