Fruit Tour Fruits in Taiwan contain continuous and endless power of nature. By following the footsteps of the travelers, the reputation of “fruit kingdom” is widely spread. To have a firsthand experience of gathering ripe fruits and feel directly the most authentic, freshest Taiwanese flavor.
Sour, sweet, aromatic, springy yet firm, juicy, thick, thin, and etc., the fruits of Taiwan are a train of gustatory sense that speeds on by following the four seasons, thriving different flavors in spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Every year at the beginning of March, the loquats make their debut in Taichung Xinshe, Taiping and Taitung Chulu with the gesture of “the chief of the fruits” by wearing their golden outfit and announce the arrival of spring. Mulberries, prunus mumes, peaches, and plums then follow closely in succession to offer sweet and sour taste for the entire season; summer days arrive together with the eruption of all kinds of fruits: pineapples, bananas, mangoes, watermelons, pears, lychees, longans, passion fruits, dragon fruits, figs, and cantaloupes. It is the harvest season of a wide variety of delicious and juicy fruits, cooling off the summer heat with their passion.

When it comes to autumn, the earth becomes bluish green and golden yellow. Pomelos, persimmons, and roselles take turns in singing the praises of family reunion during the Mid-autumn festival and autumn harvest; as winter approaches, oranges, kumquats, papayas, guavas, candied dates, tomatoes, strawberries pull together to turn the bleak season into a matchless spectacular by using countless dazzling tints accompanied by palatable sweetness. Taiwan’s reputation of the “fruit kingdom” is manifested.

In this fruit kingdom, fruit orchards are often integrated into the breathtaking landscape formed by mountain slopes and hills. From south to north, west to east, visitors are welcome to visit featured orchards located all over the country to experience the pleasure of fruit picking: to pluck ripe fruits by your own hands or participate in dried, candied fruits DIY program; to sample hot oval kumquat tea or savor the sugary iced strawberries. You can also draw a smiling face on top of a pomelo and experience the direct freshness of sweet Taiwanese flavor.
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