Common Fig is a gynodioecious (functionally dioecious) species of flowering plants in the mulberry family (Moraceae Ficus), tropical deciduous tree or large shrub, growing in the torrid zone and the temperate zone. The fig, although commonly referred to as a fruit, is actually the infructescence known as a false fruit in the shape of a bulbous root where at the bottom grows a hollow-ended stem, in which the flowers and seeds are borne: close to the small orifice blossom male flowers while far on the top blossom the females. It also grows sterile flowers, and thereafter the fruit grows seeds, the Blastophaga psenes will enter the fruit and pollinate the flowers.
Season of Harvest
From June to February of the following year
Place of Origin
Changhua, Yunlin
Dried fig
Sightseeing Tour
Fruit-Picking Area
Changhua, Yunlin

Where to find the fruit?

TEL:+886-4-8539810 / +886-919-327075
ADD:No. 8, S. 2nd Side Ln., Nanshi Vil., Dacun Township, Changhua County 515
ADD:No. 55-22, Haojin Rd., Nanxin Vil., Puyan Township, Changhua County 51648, Taiwan
ADD:No. 7, Houzhuang Ln., Neighborhood 16, Renli Vil., Tianwei Township, Changhua County, Taiwan
TEL:+886-5-5893189 / +886-932-344851
ADD:No. 173-5, Chongxing Vil., Linnei Township, Yunlin County 643
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