Flower Tour Here in Taiwan, the seasons are colored by their exclusive hues of certain flowers all year round.
Taiwan is a country of immigrants. All kinds of ethnic groups and human races gather on this land, and so do the flowers and plants in Taiwan. With distinguished farming techniques plus diversified terrain and climatic conditions, not only is Taiwan rich in various native flowers, a profusion of plants and flowers from foreign countries located in tropical or temperate zones have also been imported. All types of beauty converge, and the seasons are blazed with fascinating colors.

Every March when the spring season arrives, while azaleas and cherry blossoms vie with one another in beauty in Yangmingshan in northern Taiwan, cotton trees and golden trumpet-trees burst out like an explosion in southern Chiayi and Tainan regions. The remarkable, incomparable Taiwan International Orchid Show is also welcoming its grand opening during that same period; the romantic Chinese wisterias in April, the calla lilies of Yangmingshan keep up their spirits, the wild lilies on Turtle Island salute the arrival of spring; as the tung blossoms begin to snow in May in Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli areas, the poetic scene appears everywhere on this land; the gold rain brought by golden shower trees in June is accompanied by hydrangeas and lotus flowers which greet the guests in a graceful and dignified manner; while sunflowers are getting ready to meet summer season in July, large-flowered thunbergias are building flower corridors along the way; the land of East Rift Valley is covered with golden-yellow orange daylilies from August to September; the silver grasses will be in full flower on the way of Caoling Historic Trail in the invigorating, sparkling autumn when it comes to the month of October; in November as the deciduous cypresses in all parts of the country start to discolor on after another, the hidden utopias will always be teemed with crowds; from December to February of the following year, various kinds green manures including rapes, sunflowers, and cosmoses flourish to fill up the severe winter season with enthusiasm. Both Taichung Xinshe and the Coastal Range are falling into the sea of flowers in droves.
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