Armenian Plum Blossom 

In this gorgeous flowery world, there is a tea like aroma that fills the mountain, there are also seas of pink flowers in the mountains, apricot flowers are an ancient flower and tree, in addition to flowers can also bear fruit, it holds an important position both in fruit production and urban beautification. In Taiwan, folk architecture and temple buildings often use apricot flowers as works of art. For example, the storefront archway facade of Daxi Old Street is often decorated with carving of vases with peony and apricot flowers. The peony represents wealth, and the apricot flower represents academic success, inserted in a vase to represent “wealth and academic success.” The apricot flower in full bloom is rich in color, rich in rouge, and like the spring breeze, suitable for planting and displaying.


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Appreciated the featured floral spectacles drawn by the seasons!

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