Herbal/Dyeing Plants The natural fragrances of the great nature are picked and gathered. Make herbal scented teas and vegetable indigo dyes by your own handsm capture the beauty of simple and unsophisticated folk crafts, and relish the hand-touch design created by the integration of nature into life.
Walk into Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden in Taitung to learn and be amazed by more than a thousand species of pharmaceutical plants bred by the land of Taiwan: Asiatic Pennywort, Japanese Honeysuckle, Indigenous Cinnamon Tree, Alianthus Prickly Ash, Mountain Litsea, Snake Jasmine, and Chinese Cedar, for instance. These herbs can be used for officinal remedies or health preservation. They are not merely edible vegetables but fragrance plants that can give pleasant sensations to human beings.

The Indigo Dye workshop of Zhuo Ye Cottage in Miaoli has even turned plants into arts, building an aesthetic corner where colors are added to textile fabrics like portieres, scarves, and clothes by refining natural hues with yeasts.

The sweet grasses and dyeing plants in Taiwan are foods, medicinal herbs, fragrances, and arts. The land is instinct with rich aromatic scent.

Keep Hand-touch Plant Diaries!

ADD:No. 42-21, Lancheng Rd., Tongle Vil., Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan
ADD:No. 1-1, Dalunwei, Arou Vil., Shenkeng Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan
ADD:No. 1-5, Bengshanxia, Neighborhood 13, Shuangtan Vil., Sanyi Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan
ADD:No. 43-3, Xiping, Xiping Vil., Zhuolan Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan
ADD:No. 16-8, Tianzai Ln., Tianzai Vil., Mingjian Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
ADD:No. 1, Hengcheng St., Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
ADD:No. 152-23, Sanjiepu, Sanjie Vil., Shuishang Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan
ADD:Across from No.45, Ln. 134, Zhongshan Rd., Dashu Dist., Kaohsiung City
ADD:No. 126, Guojiang Rd., Ligang Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
ADD:Sec. 2, Jiuru Rd., Jiuru Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
ADD:No. 8, Experimental Station, Mingfeng Vil., Beinan Township, Taitung County, Taiwan
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