Rice Tour Rice seedling field is the typical landscape of Taiwanese countryside. To experience the joy and hardship of farming in the field and take a big bite out of the rice-reaping dimsum in big bowl is absolutely an unforgettable memory of a lifetime.
Unlike the regular, common long-grained rice (indica rice) all over the world, what produced by Taiwan, Japan, and Korea is the round-grained non-glutinous rice (japonica rice) of oval shape. Whereas the texture of indica rice is comparatively dry and loose, the quality of japonica rice is rather of strong stickiness with moderately soft, moist, and al dente texture. With the development of outstanding variety improvement and cultivation techniques, Taiwan is able to product more than 10 premium rice varieties.

The largest, most beauteous paddy filed landscape can be perceived in regions including Taitung Chishang, Ilan Dungshan, Tainan Houbi, Changhua Ershui, Mioali Yuanli, and etc. The savor, planting variety, and cultivar of the rice vary from place to place. Taiken 9 does not become dry and chewy even if it has gone cold, which makes it suitable for plain rice meals or sushi dishes; Carrying a taro flavor, Tainung No. 71 (Yihchuan Aromatic Rice) is the famous invincible of paddy competition; the hearty, al dente, and sticky Taiken 2 is of a large size. It is particularly suitable for preparing fired rice; Tainan No. 11 is the country’s first high-yielding rice variety, with its quality highly praised by the Japanese; though with unattractive appearance, the popular Kaohsiung No. 139, also known as “the ugly beauty”, is with an awesome mouthfeel and stickiness.

Take a glance at the paddy waves and have a bite of the aromatic rice. Go down to the paddy fields to experience the farming chores, such as rice reaping, rice shoots transplanting, and mochi pounding. The rice and paddy filed of Taiwan is not just a scrumptious treat, charming scenery; it is also a relish with an enjoyable delight.

Rice As the Golden Paddy Waves Waft

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