Yellow Poui 

The Brazilian national flower, it is a tree that changes it’s looks as the seasons change. In spring, branches are sparse, with beautiful yellow flowers; in summer long leaves bear pods, if you are fortunate, you can also see the surprise flight of a samara; autumn leaves flourish in a patch green; winter’s withered branches and fallen leaves show a desolate beauty. Spring, summer, autumn and winter show different flavors, it blooms in the spring around March, and the corolla is funnel-shaped, kind of like a bell-shaped wind chime, the flower edge is crumpled, but it is a flower with symmetry on both sides, with bright yellow flowers. Planted on both sides of the Qinshui pond, towering upright, with a good view; be careful not to touch the fine hair on the flowers and fruits, otherwise it will tickle.


Internet Celebrity Recommendation |  Spring Mountain Leisure Farm,Taichung Beitun Buzi Park, Kaohsiung Riverside Park, Nantou Maoluo River Embankment

Appreciated the featured floral spectacles drawn by the seasons!

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