There are many varied species of sunflowers. There are single petals, double petals or single flowers and multi- flowers when it comes to flower types. Although the color of the flowers are mainly yellow and orange. There are also deep red petals with golden edges, copper flower and two-tone golden yellow, even white and other special variants; because sunflowers have noticeable phototropism properties, it seems to be facing the sun, that is why it is called the sunflower. After the flower withers, the central disc is produces seeds. Most of the land in Peru is quite dry and is exposed to sunlight for most of the year, so they chose the sunflower which resembles the sun to be their national flowers.

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Internet Celebrity Recommendation |  Taipei Rainbow Riverside Park, Kaohsiung Shanlin Sea of Flower, New Taipei Jinshan Development Zone Dujuan Park

Appreciated the featured floral spectacles drawn by the seasons!

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