“A touch of March, the Azaleas bloom on the hillside, the Azaleas bloom next to the stream, how beautiful is that…!” The familiar lyrics tell the Azalea’s flowering period, the light tone showing the colorful colors of the Azalea. Azaleas grows very well, with long flowering periods and diverse colors. Since ancient times, Chinese Azalea have represented meanings of good and auspicious, ancient poets loved to put Azalea into poetry, adding to the beauty of the Azalea. Azalea’s perseverance was chosen as the city flower of Taipei City and Nepal’s national flower, symbolizing its inclusive and calm features, and the Azalea has also become one of the most popular flowers on campus.


Internet Celebrity Recommendation |  Hehuanshan (Alpine Rhododendron), Yushan Scenic Tatajia Park, Daan Forest Park, March NTU Azalea Festival

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