Small-leaved Barringtonia 

It is a rare and precious wetland water wood plant, it blooms in the summer with long racemes, the flowers bloom from top to bottom, its petals milky white and they are accompanied by many pale pink stamens. After the fruit matures, it becomes a quadrangular shape, much like the foot of an ancient chess board. It blooms during the night and withers during the daytime, an excellent time for flower viewing is at 5 am, they are also known as “summer fireworks”.


Internet Celebrity Recommendation |  Yilan Wujie Township 52-Jia Wetland, Yilan Luodong Yuemei Road

Appreciated the featured floral spectacles drawn by the seasons!

ADD:No. 18, Pocheng Rd., Yuanshan Township, Yilan County 264, Taiwan
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