White Ginger Lily 

It is a perennial herb with white flowers with a white ginger lily aroma at the flowering stage. It grows on the water’s edge, flowering in the mountains and plains, like a kaleidoscope of white butterflies dancing on the white ginger and flying among the branches. They commonly grow in low altitudes and wetland fields all over Taiwan. Flower color: pure white, yellow, golden, pink, orange, pink and so on.


Internet Celebrity Recommendation |  (July-September)Pingtung Gingerlily Festival,Shuangxi District Provincial Highway 2C, Zhuqi Riverside Park

Appreciated the featured floral spectacles drawn by the seasons!

ADD:No. 15-1, Bajia Rd., Yuanshan Township, Yilan County 264, Taiwan
ADD:No. 39, Zhongzheng Rd., Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County 312, Taiwan
ADD:No. 51, Mudan Rd., Mudan Township, Pingtung County 945, Taiwan
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