It is a perennial herbaceous bulbous garden plant. The bulb develops underground and is either spherical or broadly elliptical, white or slightly yellow, likes sunlight, semi-shade resistant, mainly distributed in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere like eastern Asia, Europe, North America, etc., there are at least 120 species found in the world, 55 of which grow in Taiwan. In recent years, there are many new species produced by artificial hybridization. Such as Formosan lily, Casablanca lily, lily “Stargazer” and so on. Lilies are mainly used for ornamental purposes. The bulbs of the lily are rich in starch, some of which can be eaten as vegetables. Even as traditional Chinese medicines that Taiwanese often incorporate into food, with high nutritional value and suitable for  soup and stir fry, healthy and delicious.


Internet Celebrity Recommendation |  Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area, Meiling Meifeng Hiking Trail

Appreciated the featured floral spectacles drawn by the seasons!

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