Florist's Daisy 

It is a perennial herb that is usually planted every year during the Qing Ming Festival; it is cultivated by cutting and planting. It is gradually buds after autumn arrives, and early November is the season of flowering and harvesting. The flowering period is about three weeks. The flower’s stem is erect, alternating leaves with feathers shaped nicks. Flowers grow from the top, Inflorescence. The flower shape is spherical, small round flower with a diameter of about three centimeters, the center of the flower is yellow and gradually turns white closer to the edge. The flower field in the flowering season looks like white sea mist. 


Internet Celebrity Recommendation |  (November-December)Tongluo Chrysanthemum and Taro Festival

Appreciated the featured floral spectacles drawn by the seasons!

ADD:No. 92-3, Jiuhu, Tongluo Township, Miaoli County 366, Taiwan
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