Chickens feeding on pitayas run all around at the farm. Flower steamed buns contain the seasonal colors of the farm. Best Leisure Farm
As soon as arriving at the gate, tourists can hear others saying “their chickens really are the best!” One of the visitors came to the farm twice already…
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As soon as arriving at the gate, tourists can hear others saying “their chickens really are the best!” One of the visitors came to the farm twice already, early in the morning, but the eggs were out of stock. Far away, the sound of the beautiful hostess Xiao-rong could be heard before she came up to us. “Sorry I couldn’t offer you a guided tour. There were too many tourists today. However, you are welcome to visit the Farm for free. All the eggs have already been picked though!”
Second generation owner Liu Hsiao-Jung is 25 years old. She was convened to help her family after graduating from college. Best Farm has been established for five years. Her father, Liu Jin-fa, originally raised chickens and grew fruit to give to his friends and family. Over time, his chickens and fruit became famous because of their good quality. People started buying chickens, eggs and fruit from him. However, you’re lucky to get what you want on any given day. After Xiao-rong took over the farm, she began promoting all kinds of farming activities to attract visitors. Visitors who stay for a while are served rural dishes.

The farm is famous for its chickens. Crowds of tourists visit the farm to buy chicken and eggs. Walking quickly with second-generation owner Liu Hsiao-Jung, visitors consider this a large farm. A group of people are cooking at the earth oven. A group of people are feeding the pigs. Another group of people are getting ready to catch chickens. Chickens here are fed with pitayas in different areas across the four-acre land. They can run around freely here. Sold after being raised for at least six months, the chicken here tastes fresh and sweet.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


The promenade in front of the farm is filled with agricultural products that are sold on the day. Chickens can be pre-booked or chosen on the spot. Eggs can be picked up in the garden. There are also processed products such as chicken butter, goose butter and onion crisps, as well as freshly harvested products. Among the fruits and vegetables on the farm, the dragonfruit is known as the “fruit leftover by the chickens and birds.” Organic cultivation, has made it smaller than the ones sold in the market, but it remains juicy and sweet.

The farm covers an area of ​​about 4 hectares, and touching chickens and picking up eggs have become a favourite activity of the children. From the earliest chickens raised to chicken breeds such as Wenchang, WuGu, and ZhenZhu, the farm has also made interesting guidelines for “touching chickens”. For example, children must touch the”Wenchang chickens”, while adults love the “golden black feather” variety which symbolizes fortune. Feeding pigs also has its own modification in the cold of winter. The farm adds garlic, chili, and brown sugar to the feed, and when it is hot in summer, brown sugar water, mint and watermelon is added.
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No. 15, Aly. 23, Ln. 651, Shengde N. Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City 337 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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