Michelin-grade freshness from sea water CHANG-YING SEAFOOD

“Chang-Ying Seafood” is located in Sanliao Bay, Beimen. With its rustic rural landscape, the self-grown fish and shrimps raised in seawater, and rural cooking techniques that present the original taste, it entered the Michelin Bib Gourmand list of 2022, definitely worthy for food lovers to have a taste.


Breeding good fish doesn’t mean just keeping it alive. Aquaculture ponds typically keep fish for about 11 months a year, but Chang-Ying Seafood only keeps fish for 5 or 6 months. After that, it’s time to nurture the water by putting in probiotics and microorganisms to help decompose residual pollutants. After draining the water, it’s time to nurture the land. The pond is sterilized by exposing it to the sun for 2 months. After sterilization is completed, seawater is pumped back, and after another 2 months of water-nurturing, only then is the fish fry released into the pond.

The grandfather of “Changying Seafood” Huang Bitian created dishes such as milkfish sausage, dried milkfish, brown sugar snack, and others. Second-generation brother Huang Guoliang established the Xuhai Ansu Aquatic Products Co. Ltd to breed fish, then second-generation sister Huang YunQing took over operations and added in “Tian Ma Ma”, which gradually became famous for its delicious food. In recent years, third-generation Xie Jiaxin, who is only in her early 20s, has made her debut. The mother and daughter team often have a friendly smile on their faces and enjoy an excellent reputation.


“Chang-Ying Seafood” has food that you simply can’t afford to miss.

The first signature dish is milkfish sausage. After mincing and hammering the thorny back of the fish finely, it is mixed with grounded pork meat, so that the formerly annoying milkfish bones combine with the pork fat form a juicy and smooth sausage that is well received.

Next is milkfish fillet. This is the upper part of the back of the fish that is often exposed to sunlight. It is dark in color and has a chewy texture. It is usually deep-fried, but at “Chang-Ying Seafood” it is slowly grilled over low heat, making it fragrant and sweet.

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Brown sugar snack is a signature dish. Fry sweet potato powder grounded from 100% natural ingredients with No. 2 granulated sugar and brown sugar on low heat, till the aroma overflow add water and cook for 8 hours. Finally pair it with icing and brown sugar. The sweetness and cool taste enter into the mouth is very alluring.

In recent years, “Vitality Drink” has been increasing in popularity. Made with 500 catties of milkfish bones and 8 whole chickens, boiled down to its essence like chicken essence, you get a mouthful of collagen and sweetness.


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No. 484, Sanliaowan, Beimen Dist., Tainan City 727009 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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