Colorful dragon fruit orchard guarded by an army of duck CHUN FU FARM

Changhua is the largest place of dragon fruit production in Taiwan. “Chun Fu Farm” is located in Tianzhong Town, Changhua. It is only about ten minutes’ drive from the high-speed rail station and Tianzhong Railway Station. A farm specialized in dragon fruit cultivation for 28 years, it contains dragon fruits of many varieties and colors, and is guarded by an army of ducks.

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The production season of dragon fruit falls on June to November each year. Visitors can make bookings for picking, small potted planting of dragon fruit, and culinary courses using every part of the dragon fruit plant – flowers, stems, fruits, skins, etc. It is the best farm for learning about dragon fruits.

Approach Chun Fu Farm and see rows of neatly arranged dragon fruit, spaced 15cm vertically with one plant on each side. This is a high-quality and efficient planting method developed by Chun Fu Farm. Walking into the orchard, you can see the red-faced muscovy duck captain leading the cherry duck army, patrolling the dragon fruit forest and getting rid of snails. The farm experience area extends to the naturally-shaded outdoor passion fruit trellis, which is also part of the ecological corridor design. The passion fruit flowers attract fruit flies and protect the dragon fruits from being bitten. The farm emphazises on eco-friendly cultivation and product traceability.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


“Chun Fu Farm” has been professionally cultivating dragon fruit for 28 years on 0.7 hectare of land, and is one of the leaders in Taiwan’s dragon fruit cultivation. From dragon fruit with red skin and red flesh at the beginning, to multi different colours skin and flesh combination.

Handmade dried red dragon fruit baked at low temperature has 52.7g of natural sugar for every 100g. It is exported to the United Kingdom, Singapore, and other places including fruit snow cakes, dragon fruit noodles, dragon fruit jam, dragon fruit ice cream and dragon fruit juice, etc.

Services provided to tourists on the farm include: fruit picking experience from June to November, small potted planting of dragon fruit, DIY highly popular dragon fruit jam made with fruit skin and flesh, and others. Alternatively, you can make an appointment for the culinary course derived from the whole dragon fruit plant exclusively developed by Chun Fu Farm (bud stewed chicken soup, fried egg with peel, fruit stem salad, fresh fruit yogurt).

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No. 472, Shalun Rd., Tianzhong Township, Changhua County 520023 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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