Crescent Phoenix
Secret garden next to the Old Miaoli Mountain Railway Line

As soon as you step into “Crescent Phoenix”, you see a large, green grassland and European-style pavilions, which makes you feel you are transported to a foreign country. Various garden flowers and foliage plants are planted along the garden path, attracting birds, bees, and frogs, resulting in a rich and diverse ecology.


With a smile on his face Cai Binghui, the owner, says that he hopes “Crescent Phoenix” will not only lead more people into the realm of flowers and learn more about plants, but also looks forward to bringing the farmers of the area around to engage in Sanyi art, so that life can be artistic and art can be integrated into life.

Crescent Phoenix plants flowers and foliage plants on an area of 400-500 ping, from hibiscus at the entrance to blue lilies, or sedge, or mounted plants such as staghorn fern and maidenhair fern hanging on the surrounding walls. Greenery is found at every corner, presenting a vibrant scene that refreshes and brings joy to any who gazes on it.

More than 20 types of flowers can be found in Crescent Phoenix, as well as more than 10 types of foliage plants such as golden kudzu, ornamental yam, and ferns. To maintain the environment, gardeners regularly weed and trim the branches and leaves daily.

The flowers or foliage plants are also processed into potted flowers and mounted plants, or dyed to make notebooks or small bags for tourists to purchase. In addition, cooperation with small farmers in Sanyi or nearby towns help to launch souvenirs of special agricultural products, such as dried white chrysanthemum and yellow chrysanthemum produced in Tongluo Township, Miaoli, so that tourists can savor the local taste even after they’ve gone home.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


“Crescent Phoenix” has a series of hands-on courses on flowers and flower art experience. After local camphor trees are slant-cut into boards, visitors can engage in DIY activities by placing ferns, ornamental yam, golden kudzu and other plants on them, which can be then brought home to spruce up a corner. In addition, you can eat a variety of flower-based dishes in the restaurant, such as Hakka Bacon and Drylilies, Chrysanthemum Pork Rib Soup, Golden Needle Loofah, Osmanthus Double Cake, Roselle Tea and Chrysanthemum drink. Combining the creative cuisine with the characteristics of the eighteen villages and towns in Miaoli, it is an opportunity to experience local culture through savoring delicious food, a memorable activity indeed.


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No. 1-3, Shengxing, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County 367003 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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