The Farm is operated sustainably. When picking fruits and vegetables, visitors will witness the profound knowledge of its organic farming. Duo Duo Looooog Organic Farm
Duo Duo Looooog Organic Farm
Xihu Township, Miaoli produces an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Walking along the winding path of Xihu, tourists can see farmlands everywhere…
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Xihu Township, Miaoli produces an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Walking along the winding path of Xihu, tourists can see farmlands everywhere, displaying the simplicity of rural villages. Upon spotting the big tree after passing the curve, the visitor has arrived at Duo Duo Looooog Organic Farm. The Farm is surrounded by fences made of bushes, creating a lush, green landscape that is very relaxing. The dogs at the Farm passionately welcome visitors, while farm owner Chang Chia-Rong greets them. Like visiting a friend who they haven’t seen for a long time, visitors will feel comfortable here and smile instantly.
Owner Chang Chia-Rong, though born into a farming family, worked as a wedding photographer in Shanghai for more than ten years. As the seniors in his family grew older, being a wedding photographer became more and more competitive and business more difficult, so he decided to return home to take over the farming. He did not realize how much harm pesticides can cause to health and to farmers until he became a farmer himself. Therefore, he became involved in organic farming, which not only keeps the environment sustainable and achieves ecological balance, but can also best protect the farmer.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


With organic farming, the Farm has an abundant eco-system. Visitors can enjoy picking fruit and joining DIY activities.
In addition to the abundant eco-systems, the Farm grows diverse crops. Every January, the Farm enters the season for tankans, sugar tangerines, and murcotts. Then comes the season of oriental pears, pomelos, citrus grandis, white shaddocks, Valencia oranges, citrus reticulata, oranges, bergamots, Eureka lemons, etc. The Farm grows 10-12 kinds of citrus fruits. Except for May and June, visitors can see fruit trees almost every month of the year.

Besides fresh fruits, the Farm has developed many kinds of processed goods based on nature and health. For tourists to experience ecology, the Farm has also designed a series of ecological experience activities, from fruit picking to DIY and dishes with local cultural flavors. Visitors can also take an ecological trip to the surrounding farmlands.
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No. 1-1, Zhangwu, Xihu Township, Miaoli County 368, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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