Homegrown Biodynamic Fertilizer; Certified Organic Lemons E HUO GARDEN LEMON B&B

Stepping into “E Huo Garden Lemon B&B” feels like walking into someone’s villa. There’s a large camping area in the front yard, a guest accommodation area, and a charming café perfect for social media-worthy photos. Outside the windows, you’ll find a pleasant view of a nearby stream.

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Following a tour of the adjacent organic lemon orchard at “E Huo Garden Lemon B&B,” the first thing that strikes you is why are the roots of lemon trees all wrapped in fine fishing nets? It’s as if each lemon tree is wearing fishnet stockings. It turns out this is a form of natural protection to prevent pests like bark beetles from climbing up to lay eggs and damage the lemons. After an explanation, you’ll find out that lemons grow all year round and come in various varieties, each with its own unique characteristics.


Biodynamic fertilizer is the pride and joy of “E Huo Garden Lemon B&B”. In one corner of the farm, there are barrels of pure natural biodynamic fertilizer currently fermenting. Utilizing this natural liquid fertilizer helps lemon trees grow without posing harm to the soil, and it’s even certified organic! Dr. Chen Jiawei shifted his research focus to China in recent years, and is committed to promoting eco-friendly practices and reducing pesticide use. As a result, he entrusted the management of this land to his daughter, Chen Sicen, who is now the second generation overseeing the farm.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Young people returning to their hometown initially have no clue about farming, so she chose lemon trees because they yield harvests all year round. Since lemons require a significant amount of pesticides, having a father who’s a Ph.D. researching biodynamic fertilizer came in handy. They adopted eco-friendly farming methods on their own eight-acre land, and over the years, they achieved remarkable results and obtained organic certification. Additionally, with a surplus of lemons, they produce lemon vinegar and aged it for over a year, resulting in a natural beverage that balances the body’s pH levels effectively. Visitors can also enjoy plant picking in the garden and try plant printing. Plant printing gives people the opportunity to appreciate the unique features and details of each leaf.

Back in their hometown, the owners have come from urban workers clueless about farming to collaborating with like-minded friends in the vicinity, successfully managing the community and enabled every visitor to “E Huo Garden Lemon B&B” to experience how significant “organic” truly is.

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+886-923 394 443


No.59, Fuqi Ln., Guoxing Township, Nantou County 544, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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