FUSEN SATOYAMA ECOLOGY AND ART PARK Embrace of the Mountain and the Sea
A Journey of Intellectual and Sensibility into Nature

In this place, visitors are treated to an environment immersed in nature and free from pollution. Along the park’s trails, various performances featuring crystal bowls, singing bowls, gongs, drums, and others create the five life rituals, the most famous activity at “FUSEN SATOYAMA.” Additionally, guests can savor the panoramic view of mountains and sea while enjoying afternoon tea at the mountaintop café, along with other dining options like Italian lunch and French omakase cuisine.


The internationally acclaimed Furlando team operates day trips to the Satoyama realm in June 2020, and introduced overnight stay packages with three meals included from February 2021. The local pollution-free environment allows visitors to enjoy the spectacle of fireflies in the valley during firefly season. The mountaintop café offers exceptional views of Guishan Island in the distance, offering different yet equally breathtaking scenes regardless of weather conditions.

Taiwan’s unique geographical location, coupled with the northeast monsoon blowing in from the northeast corner of the country, creates a moist and rainy environment in the park, fostering a diverse array of fern species. These ancient plants, which have existed since ancient times and once dominated the earth, results in Taiwan boasting over 800 species of ferns, which is a rare phenomenon across the globe. Following the success of the Satoyama realm tour, “FUSEN SATOYAMA” has developed Fern Expedition, a rich itinerary that includes a guided tour of the park in the morning, followed by a visit to the nearby Tanlan Ancient Trail to further appreciate the captivating ecology of ferns. Guests can also indulge in afternoon tea amidst the mountain forest, making it an incredibly worthwhile experience.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


FUSEN SATOYAMA has only developed a small portion of the over 20 hectares of mountain forest, hoping to provide visitors with a close-to-nature, pollution-free environment.

The fern tour is a recent addition to the itinerary. Situated at the northeastern tip of Taiwan, the park benefits from a moist and rainy climate, making it an excellent habitat for ferns. Embarking on the fern tour, you’ll discover that Taiwan alone boasts over 800 species of ferns, compared to just over 150 species across the entire European continent and over 400 species in North America. The hands-on DIY section offers activities such as handmade soap, fern planters, and moss balls.

In addition to the park’s restaurants, participants on the fern tour can enjoy a delightful afternoon tea by the creekside, featuring seasonal fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood, adorning the natural setting.


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