Enveloped by Surrounding Mountains and Mist,
the Aroma of Coffee Soothes the Body and Mind
Gao Garden

“Gao Garden” is situated halfway up along the winding mountainous terrain of the industry road. The Gao family, residents of Pingzhen in Taoyuan, sought to purchase a plot of hillside land for their retirement. Their search led them from Taoyuan all the way to Miaoli, going through countless real estate agents, before finally setting their sights on this tranquil spot surrounded by the mountains. Captivated by its serene atmosphere and stunning vistas, they relocated their entire family here, eager to realize their retirement dreams. However, their plans took an unexpected turn when the contracted developer cut down all the trees and absconded with the funds. This left Gao Xiuhui, a full-time housewife, with no choice but to embark on an unexpectedly busy “retirement life”!


From land clearing, design, planting, to maintenance, every task had to be done by Gao XiuHui personally, even operating a crane. She obtained over ten certificates over the course of five to six years, and went from being unfamiliar with a hoe to mastering heavy machinery. Every flower, grass, and tree was planted by her own hands, even amidst her father’s sudden passing. For five years, she toiled from dawn till dusk amidst these woodlands, slowly healing herself via farmwork. This led her on a journey of agricultural therapy, and she aspired to offer more individuals the opportunity to bask in the splendor of the mountainous surroundings. Going from looking forward to retirement, then the cultivation of her own land, and then falling enamored with Geisha coffee which she cultivated herself, to eventually opening a café to share her passion for coffee. Confronted daily with the myriad transformations of the mountain scenery, she felt compelled to share this with friends, prompting the establishment of camping and lodging facilities within the farm premises.

When Xiuhui reminisces about her initial encounter with Geisha coffee, she vividly recall being impressed with its bright and clear acidity, which left a lasting impression on her and sparked an enduring love affair. The morning sunlight filtering through these woods provides an ideal environment for coffee cultivation. In addition to Geisha, this area also boasts Purple Leaf and Yellow Bourbon varieties, all are regarded as of exceptional quality. As they are cultivated and sold on-site, they can be shared with customers at truly affordable prices.



Geisha coffee, as is commonly known, is renowned as the epitome of coffee luxury. And yet guests can savor a cup of Geisha specialty coffee, meticulously harvested and hand-brewed by the proprietor, for a mere 200 yuan. It feels worthwhile to drive down from Taipei solely to indulge in this brew, especially when considering the picturesque scenery  that awaits and captivating tales waiting to be heard. Moreover, visitors have the opportunity to engage in the delightful and therapeutic activity of crafting their own latte art, using milk foam that has been pre-whipped to a consistency akin to protein cream to create cute patterns that are interesting and revitalizing.


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No.43-3, Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County 312
Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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