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Goat World Leisure Farm
Goat World Leisure Farm

“My childhood dream was to own a ranch and a zoo, and now it’s a dream come true.”


“My childhood dream was to own a ranch and a zoo, and now it’s a dream come true.” Jiang Changli said that Goat world is a place where education and entertainment come together in a healthy and happy ranch. To fulfil his dream, Jiang Changli chose to study in an agricultural school. After graduation, he taught farmers the accurate way of administering medication, while overseeing the operation of various ranches. Later, he learned food processing and food research. ln 2002, Jiang Changli planted forests on the flatlands and established “Goat World Teaching Ranch”. At that time, around 120 public and private kindergartens had established co-operational educational to provide free outdoor teaching, and lambs were brought into the schoolyard. Because these activities are lively and interesting, little children became the best promoters. “They would bring their parents, proving to be the best word-of-mouth marketing tool”.


Jiang Changli said, “We can explain the life of a Goat in 30 minutes. These 30 minutes provide knowledge comparable to what agricultural schools teach about Goat over five years, and they will be remembered by children for a lifetime.” How do they do it? Jiang Changli says with a smile, “Hold the lamb on the stage, use postures to deepen the impression, use idioms and allusions such as the lamb kneeling for milk to convey the story; explain how 400CC of red blood turns into 1CC of white milk when demonstrating Goat-milking… “. A super experience that will keep children wanting for more.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Goat World Leisure Farm started as a teaching ranch. Visitors entering the park can pay 60 yuan for a ticket which would compensate for 30 yuan of expenditure on the ranch. It has become a favorite destination for parents to bring their children.

In addition to meeting all kinds of animals, the ranch also has feeding experiences, painting DIY, etc. Goat milk slices and mutton stoves are available as gifts. The animal area is a major highlight. In addition to the peacock viewing from April to June, there are also ducks laying eggs everywhere, and all kinds of interesting knowledge can be gleaned during the experience. The farm has a “Get to know the herbs” area, while Dinosaur World provides the experience of digging Tyrannosaurus fossils with the volcano roaring right in front of you.

The food in Goat World Leisure Farm is excellent, lamb gourmet is another highlight. In addition to the whole feast being about lamb, it also features the main dish of a whole braised lamb. Many TV shows and celebrities come to see the circular furnace, where the Goat is hung upside down and rotated, and can be evenly roasted within an hour. Through experience and food sharing, Goat World has also become the best promoter of domestic mutton.


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No. 169, Sanzhi Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City


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