Tree climbing in the forest, crafting handmade plant topiaries GONGXING FOREST PARK

Situated within the Alishan Scenic Area, Gongxing Forest Park is reputed to have served as a garrison for guerrilla forces during the Japanese occupation era, and labelled a bandit village by the Japanese authorities, thus earning the moniker Alishan Bandit Forest Village.

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Tree climbing in the forest, crafting handmade plant topiaries

Following an investment of NTD 150 million by the Alishan Scenic Area Administration, Gongxing Forest Park has undergone extensive redevelopment. It now features forest trails, shaded treehouse ecological classrooms, scenic platforms, handicraft workshops, and a marketplace vending local agricultural products. Within the park, skilled guides are available to lead visitors in gaining a deeper appreciation of natural ecosystems and cultural heritage. Moreover, a variety of experiential DIY activities are on offer, seamlessly blending elements of education, entertainment, and knowledge.


Gongxing Forest Park boasts vast expanses of breathtaking forests and also offers tree-climbing experiences. To ensure visitor safety, the park has enlisted the services of professional instructors. Regardless of whether one is a novice or seasoned climber, a suitable challenge can be found. Through tree climbing, visitors can experience the dual challenges faced by both the body and the mind, whilst also acquiring the ability to maintain focus and composure while confronting these challenges.



An abundance of various flowers and plant varieties exist in the park, which also serve as materials for topiaries. To express their creativity, visitors personally handpick various interesting leaves and flowers from the park, place them on a handkerchief, gently tap on them to transfer the patterns and colors of the plants, and creating unique artwork in the process. Furthermore, various group activities are also available via appointment, such as wild boar hunting, forest yoga, lantern painting, and straw hat painting, all of which are perfect for families or friends to enjoy together and create beautiful memories.

Golden thread lotus and Thousand-layer honey, Must-buy popular Items

Within the park, visitors can also purchase high-quality local agricultural products and handicrafts, such as locally grown vegetables and fruits of pristine quality. The most recommended items are the locally developed forest economy products in Alishan – golden thread lotus and Thousand-layer honey. Alishan’s cool climate is particularly suitable for the growth of golden thread lotus, which can be brewed into tea with a refreshing taste and a hint of sweetness that also boosts the immune system. Additionally, there are delicious local snacks like grilled sausages, salted pork, and bamboo tube rice to fill one’s belly


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