Picking Guavas and Gathering Eggs, A Fresh Rural Experience GoRan ChaXiang Tourism Yard
GoRan ChaXiang Tourism Yard

Located at the foot of Alishan in Chiayi Zhongpu, GoRan ChaXiang was originally involved in fruit and agricultural product processing and sales, but was later converted into a family-friendly tourism park from 2020 onwards. Benefiting from its favorable climate between mountainous and flat areas, the region is rich in various fruit types. In addition to selling various agricultural products, GoRan ChaXiang has introduced activities such as guava picking, DIY guava jam making, egg gathering, and feeding chickens, events suitable for children and adults to participate in together.

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With such rich fruit resources, why choose guavas as the main theme? According to Lin Peiyu, the head of GoRan ChaXiang, guavas are the most popular and easily accessible fruit throughout the year. However, due to how common they are, people often overlook their other uses. In the past, guavas were widely used for cleaning, and simply boiling guava leaves in water and using it for bathing could alleviate skin conditions.


Enjoying Sweet and Crisp Pearl Guavas in Winter

GoRan ChaXiang Tourism Yard, spanning an area of almost 6000 pyong, focuses on guavas as its main theme, cultivating over 10 different varieties of guava trees in addition to pearl guavas. Pearl guavas, also known as “milk guavas,” are irrigated with fertilizer made from fermented milk. They have a distinct white flesh with a hint of yellow, offering a rich aroma and high sweetness throughout the year. The texture is delicate and pleasantly crisp.

he yard also grows bananas, pineapples, chestnuts, pumpkins, and other fruits and vegetables. In summer, visitors can enjoy lotus flowers, while in autumn and winter, sunflowers are planted, creating a beautiful contrast between seas of golden flowers against the greenery.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Guavas used as bath products to relieve skin discomfort

Guavas are rich in nutrients, low in calories and have a sense of satiety. They are a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin A, Vitamin C and polyphenols and other antioxidants, which makes them a good alternative to snacks. Older generations used guava leaves to boil water for bathing. Early generations of people used to boil water with guava leaves for bathing. This is because guava is rich in vitamins A, C, E and phytochemicals, which have a strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Tea aroma extracts the essence of guava, and tea tree and freesia essential oil are added to create shampoo and body wash, which can relieve itchy skin and improve scalp odor. For those who are accustomed to using soap, there are also handmade guava soaps available.

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+886-05 253 5529


No.4-18, Shutoupu
Zhongpu Township, Chiayi County 606008
Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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