Grand Blossom Recreation Rose Farm Secret garden next to the Old Miaoli Mountain Railway Line
Grand Blossom Recreation Rose Farm

Grand Blossom Recreation Rose Farm is situated in Jiuru Township, Pingtung County, spanning an area of 4.5 hectares. It stands as the largest organic edible rose farm in Taiwan. Formerly a producer of cut flowers, the farm shifted focus after a two-year trial on edible roses, mastering the techniques and ensuring a stable yield. However, increasing production was never a priority. Farm owner Tiande Yang adheres to the philosophy that “What heaven bestows upon us is rightfully ours.” They strive to do their best with what they have, and ask for no more.


The name “Tiande Yang” has become synonymous with “rose,” earning him the title of “the most romantic man in Taiwan.” Despite a myriad of flower varieties, Tiande Yang is particularly fond of roses. He delved into cultivation techniques dedicatedly and successfully promoted the sprouting of new shoots through pruning. In 2006, he was bestowed the God Farmer Award and has also clinched championship titles in flower-arranging competitions.

“Grand Blossom No. 1” and “Grand Blossom No. 2” are organic edible rose varieties carefully selected from 30 to 40 varieties over a period of two years. No fertilizers or pesticides are used in production. Farming at Grand Blossom commences at the start of dawn, when the staff gather for morning exercises to invigorate themselves. Approximately one hour after sunrise marks the optimal time for harvesting. This is when the flowers are blushing and emit a full fragrance. The 8-petal flower shape and aroma epitomize the “maturity” pursued by Tiande Yang.

Fresh petals can be consumed as they are, or utilized in baking, beverages, or garnishes. Through steaming, distillation, or baking, they can be made into jams, ice cream, floral teas, or incorporated into cosmetics. Grand Blossom Farm boasts numerous renowned restaurants or bakeries among its clientele. Some religious individuals are drawn to the purity of the growth process, specifically ordering whole flowers for religious ceremonies. Indeed, all roses are edible, but those with deeper red hues possess a higher anthocyanin and tannin content, which is why Tiande Yang prefers the dark-red rose varieties.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


  1. Grand Blossom Recreation Farm provides recreational space as well as specialty food and drink.

  2. Dining specialties: Whether it is pizza, hamburgers, sushi, cold noodles, hot pots, milk tea, etc., rose petals are always an essential element that entrance the masses.

  3. DIY rose jam, plant topiaries, handmade bouquets, floral design and other experiential activities are limited to groups or season, so please contact the venue for details beforehand.


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+886- 08 810 1858


No.2-88, Sec. 1, Jiuru Rd.
Jiuru Township, Pingtung County 904010
Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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