Fueled by their organic beliefs, Green Union Agricultural
produces high-quality roselle flowers.
Greenunion Agricultural
Greenunion Agricultural

Situated within the “Kangzhuang Organic Community,” and designated as an organic industry demonstration site by Taiwan’s Department of Agriculture and Foodstuff, “Green Union Agricultural” occupies over one hectare of land. Its owners, Ah Ming and Yanzi have opted for roselle flowers, a relatively uncommon crop in the northern region that requires minimal labor. This choice allows them the flexibility to engage in “ecological excursions.”. Visitors can witness how a healthy environment is cultivated for both people and plants within this organic community.

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Owner of the farm, Ah Ming, used to work as a real estate agent, achieving moderate success in his career. His wife, Yanzi, served as a designer for Taiwanese-owned factories in mainland China. As two newcomers to rural life, they departed from their respective careers and embarked on a journey through five counties and cities in Taiwan in search of their dream land to establish their “Happy Farm.”

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Initially, they owned a small plot of land in southern Taiwan, with the intention to cultivate organic corn. However, surrounded by conventional farming methods, their “organic cornfield” became a paradise for pests that devoured Ah Ming and Yanzi’s harvest. Finally, they discovered a piece of land within the “Kangzhuang Organic Community” in Daxi, Taoyuan, designated as an organic industry demonstration site by the Department of Agriculture and Foodstuff. Here, they could truly realize their dream of becoming farmers. Shortly after commencing their farming, they encountered the COVID-19 pandemic. Reflecting on those days, Yanzi chuckled and admitted she didn’t know how they managed to get through it all. Starting a business amidst the pandemic, they juggled farming, experimentation, and learning.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


The most distinctive feature of “Green Union Agricultural” is the “Black Crystal” roselle, derived from the Taitung Agricultural Research and Extension Station. This variety of roselle contains seven-fold concentration of anthocyanins, which is highly beneficial for the body. The high-value roselle produced on the farm is also sold to biotech companies for extraction, contributing to the development of high-value products.

Additionally, “Kampo Tea” is the farm’s best-selling product. Visitors get to see jars and jars of Kampo Tea enzymes brewing and fermenting, with layers of fungus covering the surface. The longer it ferments, the higher the fermentation level and acidity, providing significant benefits to the body.

Yanzi happily mentions that the farm is currently developing other roselle products. She hopes that every visitor to the farm will gain a different and bountiful experience every time they visit.

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+886-0966 199 876


Ln. 671, Sec. 3, Kangzhuang Rd.
Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City 335
Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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