To recover rice culture, the group of people at the School of Rice have made efforts for 16 years.
Guanshan Township Farmers’ Association-Rice County School
Guanshan Township Farmers’ Association-Rice County School
They are at Rice County School in Guanshan, Taitung, at 315.6 km, Provincial Highway 9, formerly the idle rice mill and barn of Guanshan Township Farmers’…
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They are at Rice County School in Guanshan, Taitung, at 315.6 km, Provincial Highway 9, formerly the idle rice mill and barn of Guanshan Township Farmers’ Association. Peng Yan-fang, the staff of the Association nicknamed “President,” is the backstage planner of the School. He emphasizes “from soil to mouth” to shorten the distance between farmers and consumers by planning rice making, rice DIY, and other experience activities. He also renovated the place to turn the School of Rice into an advanced base for food and agriculture education and attract more young people to join them.
Since 2005, Guanshan Township Farmers’ Association Leisure Tourist Service Center has been hung with the sign “School of Rice.” Starting from a small sales center, it has been gradually expanded to promote guided tours to tribes, bamboo art experiences, rice making, and rice DIY by working with the local residents. It also extends out to the neighboring school children. Families and groups from other areas have started to visit as well. The scale of the School has grown larger. Other idle space was also renovated, including the Rice Museum, Rice Carving Classroom, Rice DIY Classroom, Cooking Area, etc. In 2021, the Diverse Cultural Cuisine Classroom will be opened to blend and share new immigrants’ exotic rice culture.
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Features of Agricultural Tourism


The Rice Country School set up small farmer grid shops and farmer direct sales outlets in the exhibition center to bring the agricultural specialties of Taitung area closer to everyone. The “cooking experience” is a shared experience by parents and children where you can go buy ingredients at at the place of origin, or within neighboring communities. After bringing home the special products, the mothers of the housekeeping class teach the children to cook, and they get to personally participate in the complete process from the place of origin to the presentation on the dinner table. The “big bowl of rice” activity has always been very popular. The ingredients are all local, and each housekeeping mother’s specialty is different so tourists will always have a different taste of cuisine.

The rice-making experience of the Rice Country School has always played a central role. It displays the freshness of the products on sales, but also educates consumers that the shelf life is not equal to peak taste. The white rice that is eaten in the mouth is actually made from rice and coarse chaff. Brown rice, crumb rice, germ rice, rice bran, coarsely broken rice, finely broken rice, variegated rice, go through so many levels to become high-quality rice, reshaping the value of rice in the minds of consumers.
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No. 24-1, Changlin, Guanshan Township, Taitung County 956 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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