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Hakka ECO-Farm

Covering an area of ​​1.6 hectares, the “Liudui Yageyuan Organic Education Farm” is located in Wanluan, Pingtung…

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Covering an area of ​​1.6 hectares, the “Liudui Yageyuan Organic Education Farm” is located in Wanluan, Pingtung. Seemingly in a remote location, the land at the foot of the Dawu Mountain and by the Wan’an River is precious due to the near absence of pollution and disturbance from the adjacent fields, and is extremely suited for organic farming. To former Yilan University professor Huang Zhangru, it’s as if he had arrived at the Garden of Eden.

The original land was planted with betel nut trees that could turn a profit, but Huang Zhangru and her husband Zeng Yingjie never hesitated to level it all, and was mocked by others to have lost their minds. They started with nothing but a love for the environment and the people, and turned to organic farming of vegetables, fruits, and cereals, herbs as well as rearing bees for pollination and chicken for eggs, leading a self-sufficient lifestyle and obtaining organic certification. They have also built a homestay in recent years, so that visitors of the farm have a place to relax and better take in the natural surroundings.


Huang Zhangru, a Hakka, studied for a doctorate in agriculture at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. It was during that time that he met Mr. Zeng Yingjie. After returning to Taiwan, he was assigned to Germany to study the development and policy of organic agriculture, and assisted the government after returning to Taiwan. He soon established the foundation of organic agriculture management, set up the “Organic Agriculture Global Information Network” and won a few Organic Agriculture Award such as “Organic Contribution in Farming”, “Supporting Organic Farming”, “Councillor for Organic”.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


The farm plans many experience activities, so that tourists can go to the fields in person and experience planting, weeding, picking, harvesting, etc. On-site ingredients can also be used to make red quinoa wreaths, plant knock-dye bags, and scallion oil cakes, organic fruit jams, etc. Visitors can play games in the fields, including squirt guns, barbecues, and bike rides, plus there is a homestay where you can stay overnight, and watch the stars and fireflies at night.

A wide variety of products are grown on the farm, including golden fruit, dragon fruit, lemon, carambola, bergamot, and special crops such as strawberries which are rare in the tropics. In addition to common leafy vegetables, other vegetables include taro, wax gourd, sacha inchi, as well as turmeric, red quinoa, among others.

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No. 21, Xiliao Rd, Wanluan Township, Pingtung County, 923


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