Exploring Clams in the Intertidal Zone, Crafting Backpack Ornaments
from Abandoned Oyster Sheds
Haomei Agriculture and Fisheries Industry
Haomei Agriculture and Fisheries Industry

Located in Haomei Village, a coastal town in Budai Township, Chiayi County, this fishing village that had once almost dwindled into oblivion has gradually revitalized through the collaborative efforts of 3D mural artist Zeng Jincheng and local residents, evolving into a renowned tourist destination.


Zeng Jincheng, the proprietor of “Haomei Agriculture and Fisheries Industry,” believes that this area is blessed with a rich culture, history, beautiful scenery, and local specialties worthy of deeper exploration by tourists. That is why he partnered with Zheng Yiwen, who possesses experience in experiential education, to establish “Haomei Agriculture and Fisheries Industry Pte Ltd.” They leased a boathouse as their base of operations, aiming to promote high-quality seafood such as locally cultivated clams, red snappers, and white shrimp, and to transform Haomei Village into the hometown of clams.


Driving through the long windbreak forests and fishpond areas in the early morning, the beach gradually emerges as the tide recedes, revealing where the clams reside. Clamming can be done using a rake, but it’s more intimate to dig with your own hands, feeling the texture through your fingertips and having direct contact with the sea, sand, and shellfish, making the experience more rewarding and memorable.

Red snapper is also one of the specialties of Haomei Village. The Haomei Agriculture and Fisheries Industry has a large kitchen where visitors can participate in making exploding red snapper fish balls. Squeeze the red snapper pulp into cheese slices and place them in warm water, then wait for the red snapper fish balls to slowly cook and take shape. Cooking a bowl of red snapper fish soup for yourself is a highly satisfying experience.

Features of Agricultural Tourism

Fish Farming

A Five-Sensory Experience Journey, Clam Digging by the Seashore

To provide visitors with a deeper experience of their surroundings through the five senses of “eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin,” Zheng Yiwen deconstructed the local DNA of Haomei Village and carefully designed various experiential journeys and hands-on experiences. These include clamming, making exploding red snapper fish balls, DIY abandoned oyster shed frames, marinating clams, DIY salt-marinated tofu pudding, painting backpack decorations, exploring the historical culture of the 1920s, and village strolls, totaling 9 different experiences. It is recommended to allocate two days and one night to fully immerse oneself in the charm of this small fishing village.

“By refining local elements, we achieve globalization.” With this spirit in mind, the Haomei Agriculture and Fisheries Industry” has meticulously designed these five-sensory experience tours in the hope that more travelers will come to experience the local beauty, and return home rejuvenated in body and soul.


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+886-05 343 1948


No.700, Budai Township, Chiayi County 625
Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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