Hua Quan Leisure Farm
 Butterfly flowers fly with the wind. Tourists swing over the gushing spring.

Hua Quan Leisure Farm
Sitting in a wheelchair and leaning slightly forward, he bent and smelled the butterfly ginger. A tear instantly fell from the corner of his eye.


Sitting in a wheelchair and leaning slightly forward, he bent and smelled the butterfly ginger. A tear instantly fell from the corner of his eye. The owner of the Farm Yang, Lu-Ko gently asked him why he was crying. The tourist looked up with eyes full of tears and said, “Though I have lived to this age, this is the first time that I am so close to butterfly gingers!” 

Passing the slowly rotating waterwheel and Osmanthus alley, they have arrived at Hua Quan Leisure Farm. Recently, all the wooden plank roads in the Farm have been replaced. Visitors in wheelchairs or parents with strollers can finally appreciate flowers and play in the water easily. More than 1000 pings of land on one side of the wooden plank road nearest to the entrance are full of organic butterfly gingers. On the other side is a natural gushing spring ditch built using ecological engineering methods. The water is pure and clean with fish, shrimp, and clams swimming visibly inside. The Farm is also guarded by a one-hundred-year-old camphor tree. The Farm has won multiple championships in the water resource and beautification contests held by Yuanshan Township Farmers’ Association.

Furthermore, sky coffee lounges have three swings underneath. Under the swings is the gushing spring at 22゚C all year round. This is the corner with the most joyful sounds. The tourists can also see impeccably beautiful deciduous cypresses turning colors in autumn and winter.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Make a glass terrarium by catching fish and shrimp. The “immortal hot pot” is fresh, sweet, and healthy
Because of its excellent natural geographical advantages, the Farm has become a great leisure farm for parents and children. As soon as the children arrive at the Farm, they take off their socks and shoes right away to catch fish and shrimp in the water. They can make glass terrariums with the water weeds. As the source of a natural gushing spring, the water is clean and abundant. The depth of the water is to the knees at most, making it safe for both the elderly and children.

For his persistence and passion for butterfly gingers, the owner provides guided tours regarding butterfly gingers and teaches tourists how to pick flowers, clean the leaves, and make butterfly ginger rice dumplings. In winter, the Farm serves “immortal hot pot.” The ingredients include verdolaga francesa, white mugworts, yellow velvetleafs, Chinese violets, vegetable ferns, honeworts, sweet potato leaves, Ceylon spinaches, and other wild vegetables. The soup of the hot pot includes the tubers of the butterfly gingers. It tastes fresh, sweet, and healthy.


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No. 15-1, Bajia Rd., Yuanshan Township, Yilan County 264 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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