Promoting ecological education through farm life JTM-Safari

JTM-Safari is located in the Fuxing District of Taoyuan. Both its owners are scout badge holders…

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JTM-Safari is located in the Fuxing District of Taoyuan. Both its owners are scout badge holders, especially the male owner, Lin Zhiyong, who has been a scout for 45 years and served as team leader for 35 years. After the two retired, they decided to return to Zhentou Mountain in 2001 to open a farm to educate the next generation. Youth experience camps, with customizable farm experience courses, allow children to experience farm life and working as a team. Two years later, a summer camp has been set up on a regular basis. In addition, the farm promotes friendly farming and attracts retired people who are focused on their health to come enjoy the natural surroundings.

Among the fruits grown in JTM-Safari, citrus is the main produce in winter, and the largest is sugar orange which is planted on approximately 1,000 square-meter of land. As the mountainous area has sufficient water supply, and a substantial day-night temperature difference, citrus is of good quality – fragrant and juicy. There are also lemon, mango, avocado, guava, mulberries and kiwi, and mostly melons and vegetables in spring and summer.

The farm engages in eco-friendly farming, no pesticides are used, natural saponin and compost are made into environmental enzymes, and biological control methods are used to reduce disease and pests. Vegetables are covered by nets to prevent insects. These produces derived from eco-friendly farming not only provide tourists with an agricultural and ecological education, but are also sold as agricultural products.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Firefly viewing activities are held every April to June, and tourists are taken through a series of experience activities that start with picking osmanthus bamboo shoots, peeling bamboo shoots, and boiling them. Light pollution-free flashlights are made from these to better explore the fireflies, and mobile photography techniques are shared.

Anyone interested in food can learn about fermented dough and baking at the bakery, and learn about local history while making bread, and use the environment as an ecological guide. There are also DIY fruit processing activities using crops produced during different seasons, such as using grapefruit or lemon to make pickled cucumbers, and learn how to grow and produce the ingredients.

While you experience rural life during the day, stargazing can be done at night. The farm is equipped with a professional large-diameter 32-cm astronomical telescope to allow visitors the find constellations and observe the stars, learn about the zodiac and their stories, or learn to photograph celestial objects with your phone.

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336, Taoyuan City, Fuxing District


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