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"La One Base" is the farm of the modern era

La One Base

Agriculture and bikes, mosquito movie theaters and firefly viewing, American food and agricultural tourism experience…


Agriculture and bikes, mosquito movie theaters and firefly viewing, American food and agricultural tourism experience, all these seemingly non-traditional agricultural practices are here at “Lewan Base”. Chen Junxiong says with a smile, “We want to redefine what it means by ‘agriculture’. Chen Junxiong and his wife Lin Huijuan originally opened a restaurant that catered for breakfast in Taoyuan. They bought this land and for 3 years could not decide what to do with it. Only when their son retired from the army and had the idea of driving a food truck car up the mountain to sell food, was the initial concept of Lewan born. “At that time, I didn’t understand anything. The whole family attended different classes. We didn’t know the traditional method of growing vegetables and fruits, but took to organic farming. There are not many buildings here, and the natural scenery is preserved.”


“We like American culture, so we remodeled a fire truck that was built in 1990.” The body of the automobile was repainted and the interior was stylized to cater to American food and beverage. Starting from the food truck, markets, picnics, parties, and others were soon set up. The food truck could practically be driven any place you may want to hold an event.

On the opposite side of La One, if you go along Nanzaigou along the green path, you will reach a beautiful river bend. Next to the river bend is the secondary base of La One, where tea trees, frangipani, marigold, mint, rosemary and other herbs are planted. The base is approximately 1,300 square meters, and in addition to planting, there is also an experience classroom.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


The La One secondary base is a warm and nurturing planting area. The hostess Lin Huijuan said that she fell in love with it at first sight after she followed the green path here. It is hidden on the side of the mountain, and is very different from the primary base. Lin Huijuan, who is in charge of the aromatherapy class, developed and made her own products, with her daughter involved in the design. Five new products, including tea tree hydrosol, essential oils, hand sanitizers, and balms, were released, and tourists can also partake in DIY experiences.

Another feature of La One is dining. In addition to the American style, there are sets of cute lunch boxes that tourists can take under the trees or enjoy in a corner of their liking, like a picnic. Their exquisite beauty has made them the subject of many influencer photos. “La One GoGoBox” has also become a famous shop that is well-known online.


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No. 138, Section 2, Fuxing Rd, Daxi District, Taoyuan City, 335


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