Immerse within Taiwan's biggest lagoon LONG-HAI BOAT

“Qigu Lagoon” is located at the estuary of Qiu Creek. It is the largest lagoon in Taiwan. Locals call it “Neihaizi”, its water surface encompasses over 1600 hectares, wide as the sea. Long Hai boat is situated between this lagoon and the Wangziliao sandbars. There are recreational fishing boats that guide tourists in experiencing the ecological beauty of the lagoon.


Qigu Lagoon is a relic of the Taijiang Inland Sea for more than 300 years ago. Oyster sheds and fixed fishing nets are everywhere. Lin Mingde, the founder of Long-Hai, grew up by the lagoon and bred oysters with his family. More than 20 years ago, Lin Mingde and his wife worked hand-in-hand to revert to leisure activities in 2003, bringing tourists into the lagoon to fish, pick oysters, see cormorants, and head on the Wangziliao sandbar to witness the large expanse of casuarinas and the Taiwan Strait.


The biggest feature of the Long-Hai boat is that Lin Mingde himself or his family board the boat and do the explanations in person. With decades worth of experience breeding oysters and local life experience, he conveys the numerous local events and ecological beauty of Qigu Lagoon in detail, explaining oyster breeding methods, process and local features. These, when coupled with the concept of ecological sustainability, present a more in-depth form of food and agriculture education experience.

Long Hai boat spares no expenses in the construction and maintenance of the boats. The seats on the boat are spacious, bright and comfortable, and are stable when the boat is moving. The life jackets are self-designed, light and non-cumbersome to wear, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

Features of Agricultural Tourism

recreation fishery

As Lin Mingde’s family owns a lot of oyster sheds in the lagoon, years ago they launched the lagoon eco-cruise and 1-hour all-you-can-eat grilled oyster tour. The boat cruises on the lagoon for about 1 hour, designed to transverse the Qigu Landscape Bridge on the No. 61 West Coast Expressway, with guided introductions of the Binwai Sandbank, Taiwan Strait, coastal plants, mangroves and oyster fields, etc. Cormorant-watching is also available in winter, then a stop is made at Wangziliao sandbar to allow tourists to explore on shore by themselves. On the return journey, tourists get to visit the fixed fishing nets and witness the Bagua net fishing method.

After returning to the shore, tourists can experience charcoal-grilling fresh oysters with free refills within 1 hour, and additional items such as milkfish dorsal fin, white shrimp, Asian clams, and fish roe sausage can be ordered ala carte with additional charge.


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No. 216, Longshan, Qigu Dist., Tainan City 724031 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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