Salty Land of Budai Cultivates “Sweet Bitter Gourd" H.Z.FARM

Located in Budai, Chiayi, H.Z. Farm stands as a testament to the unique climate and soil conditions of this coastal town, which have allowed for the cultivation of sweet and crisp white jade bitter gourds. Spanning an expansive area of 3600 pyong, with approximately 1200 pyong of land dedicated solely to the planting of bitter gourd. H.Z. Farm is committed to promoting food and agriculture education, offering visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the joy of hands-on activities.

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Budai’s sandy soil is rich in salt due to its proximity to the sea, while its temperature hovers between 18 to 27 degrees Celsius day and night owing to its proximity to the northern recession line at 23.5 degrees north latitude, providing an ideal environment for the growth of bitter gourds.

Moreover, the bitter gourd varieties found here are of exceptional quality. Through extensive experimentation, the white jade bitter gourd was crossbred with the apple bitter melon, resulting in the creation of the world’s first sweet bitter gourd, aptly named “Non-Bitter Bitter Gourd.” With a sweetness level of up to 4 upon ripening, this unique variety encapsulates the best attributes of both white jade and apple bitter gourds, boasting high yields, a crisp texture, and ample juiciness. It is particularly well-suited for consumption in raw salads or when added to powdered plum. Even those with reservations about consuming bitter gourds cannot help but sing the praises of this remarkable creation.

Bitter gourds are harvested twice a year, from April to June and from September to November. The owner guides everyone to the vegetable garden to learn about the life cycle of bitter gourds from flowering to fruiting. Afterward, participants hand-pick the bitter gourds, cut them into thin slices, remove the seeds, and add apple cider vinegar. After a few days in the refrigerator, they become crisp bitter gourd kimchi, so that you can experience the joy of making your own bitter gourd kimchi.

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The farm also produces a variety of unique bitter gourd products, including the only bitter gourd pastries in Taiwan, white jade tea, white jade popsicles, white jade sausages, and white jade dumplings. The bitter gourd pastries are delightfully crispy and currently come in salt, pepper, and mustard flavors. The mustard flavor, in particular, is highly favored among visitors. For a refreshing summer treat, there are white jade popsicles made with bitter gourd tea, pineapple, and plum, offering a taste of bitter gourd sweetness with a hint of pineapple aroma.

H.Z. Farm adheres to environmentally friendly planting methods, abstaining from the use of chemical fertilizers and relying on manual weeding. The land is allowed to lie fallow each year to nurture it back to health. This eco-friendly farming approach not only preserves the ecological environment but also imparts a unique flavor and sweetness to the bitter gourds grown here.

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+886-0938 030 976


No.16, Budai Township, Chiayi County 625
Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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