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The term “Maokong” always leads to the same question. The term in fact refers to the local pothole topography “ㄋㄧㄠ ㄎㄤ (niao kang)”. 

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The term “Maokong” always leads to the same question. The term in fact refers to the local pothole topography “ㄋㄧㄠ ㄎㄤ (niao kang)”. This location is the most important source of Tieguanyin in Taiwan, and is also the first tourism tea garden in Taipei City. To speak of the history and development of the tea industry in Muzha, it is imperative to mention Chang Nai-miao and Chang Nai-qian, who brought Tieguanyin to Taiwan from Anxi, Fujian in 1895. Muzha Zhanghu and Maokong Mountain are 350 meters above sea level, and was chosen for its fertile soil and humid climate. “The key to good tea lies foremost in the management of the tea garden, followed by roasting, and finally water quality. ” said Chang Yun-yao, the fifth-generation descendant of tea master Chang Nai-miao.

In addition to Tieguanyin, there are also local hybrid varieties of “Four Seasons Fragrance” found in Muzha, discovered by farmer Chang Wen-hui (Chang Xin-zhong’s father). Also known as “Huizi Seed” by the locals, it can be harvested 6 times a year due to its abundance. It got its name from the fact it is available all year round. “Four Seasons Fragrance” is highly aromatic, leaves are full and exude a unique floral fragrance, sometimes exuding a sweet-scented Osmanthus flavor, sometimes wild ginger, other times smelling like magnolia or gardenia.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Tea tasting is treated as an attitude to life here, the choices differ from traditional shops, and the quaint shop uses flowers, fruits, and tea leaves to make creative dishes that got the attention of Discovery food programmes. The Taipei Tieguanyin Baozhong Tea Research & Development Center also provides “Maokong Xiaofeng Tea”, “One Day Tea Master”, “Knocking dye”, “DIY Tea-flavored carrot cake” and other experiences to give the act of tea tasting more fun and depth.

Muzha has planned a whole area of ​​trails, among which the camphor tree trail is sprinkled with the seeds of Lubinghua. During the flowering season the yellowish Lu Bing flowers sway in the mountain wind. You can also see zinnia, sunflowers, cosmos, cherry blossoms, and other species in different seasons. Gazing from above, surrounded by hundreds of flowers, looking at the sight of the 101, the spot has become a popular online check-in point in recent years.

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No. 8-2, Lane 40, Section 3, Zhinan Rd, Wenshan District, Taipei City, 116


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