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“Music rice, let’s sing and farm together!” The young farmers who return to their homeland in Yilan Jiaosi integrate music with agriculture and try to make eating more interesting by following the ancient method of “hanging sun-dried rice” while incorporating handmade foods associated with solar terms. “Music rice braised pork rice roll” is developed to share the traditional flavor made by all mothers, the most palatable taste of the world. The rice rolls are made with specialty inverted sun-dried rice that can only be harvested once per year. Take a bite of this music rice braised pork rice roll and you will be unable to refrain from thinking of singing and dancing together with your beloved mom.

Agriculture is a lot of fun. Come and join us.

Young Grandpa

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Learn Local Dishes in Rural Village, Recognize the Taste of Taiwan!

Music Rice Agri-marketing Studio launches “Visit the traditional wet market with the youthful grandfather”, leading visitors to the historic North and South Market, which has been opened for over a hundred years nearby Yilan Station, to search for native ingredients and ancient stories of Yilan in the nostalgic neighborhood. Then the group will continue their trip to Jiaosi Fanyitian Village, the trading center where the Kbalan people had dealings and contact with the Hans in early days to look for fresh crops or seasonal artisanal foods before returning to the kitchen to make handgrip braised pork rice roll, string of heart (Yilan barbecue) and pickled vegetable knot, the traditional flavor and snack of Yilan. Visit to historical houses and settlements are also included in the tour. Visitors are able to not only learn about the old menus but also the land and ancient tales of Yilan.

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No.44,Fangetian Rd.,Jiaoxi Township,Yilan Couny


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