Have fun with tea in Xizhi Chashan,
the flavor of tea meal is superbly charming
Natural Tea Manor

The first impression that “Natural Tea Manor” offers is the tea meal, which is simple but tasteful. Second would be the mountain view…

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The first impression that “Natural Tea Manor” offers is the tea meal, which is simple but tasteful. Second would be the mountain view, open up the window and have a cup of tea while you face the mountains. It only takes 20 minutes to reach the forest from the city, and your mood is immediately improved once you get there. Listen to stories while you drink tea. The aroma of tea is refreshing and intriguing. It turns out that there really is good tea on Xizhi Mountain! “Natural Tea Manor” has grown tea for four generations. Cai Xuzhi, who took over the business, has been watching his family make tea since he was a child. “When I was busy, I couldn’t rest for a whole week, and I often dazed out on the third day.” He went to Keelung Maritime to study in the aquaculture department in order to get away from a life of farming. After being discharged from the army and returning home, he saw the decline of the tea mountain, and being reluctant to give up the family business, ultimately decided to return home to help.

“Natural Tea Manor” is located in the Dakeng Valley at the junction of Xizhi and Nangang. This is the birthplace of Baozhong tea. Since 1960, mines have been discovered here. Many people then abandoned agriculture and turned to other lines of work. As the industrial district arose, the population migrated and labor force was insufficient, which led to the decline of the tea mountain. “In the heyday of the Xizhi tea area, there were 30 or 40 families, now there are only three.” This also spurred his determination to return the Xizhi tea industry to the good old days. Therefore, he first obtained the Class B certificate for Chinese food, concentrated on culinary research and development, and won the championship of ShuangBei tea-making contest. Since then he has entered the competition every year, and is the long-standing champion.

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Tea meals here are not just an extravagance. More than half of the selected ingredients have histories that can be traced. The tea leaf chicken soup is boiled for a long time, the oolong smoked shrimp made from the harmonious combination of tea and garlic. With Cai Xuzhi as the chef and the boss, there will be further technological innovations in the future of “Natural Tea Manor”.

From tea to meals, from selling meals to selling tea, Cai XuZhi’s reformations are always speedy. He converted the first floor into a primary processing chamber, a star-rated tea factory processing chamber, and a Tzu Xin organic verification processing room. The opportunity to visit these places has boosted the trust of tourists. The third floor is a cultural hall and experience space. In addition to the history and flavor guide of tea, tourists can also stay to “play with tea”, including tea picking, DIY tea cakes and tea glutinous rice balls, and teaching classes where visitors learn how to drink or make a good cup of tea.

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No. 30, Lane 380, Xiding Rd, Xizhi District, New Taipei City, 221


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