Elevated cultivation makes for easy picking Agro-food education is full of fun NEIHUSTRAWBERRY FARM

Taipei City’s “Neihu Strawberry Farm” is an awesome tourist attraction suited for parents and children. The park is filled with fun and laughter, it is basically a mini version of a children theme park. Cute cat mascots and love tree paintings belonging to the first owner adorn the entrance. The strawberry are grown via elevated cultivation in the greenhouse, allowing tourists to experience the joy of fruit picking with ease.

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The highlight of the farm is that professional introductions are inserted among the many lively and interesting activities. Young tourists participating in the package tour will first put on their sterilized strawberry aprons and strawberry hats before starting the experience activities, giving them a sense of ceremony. The itinerary includes the “Little Strawberry Master” targeted towards preschool children, which allows them to get acquainted with strawberries, observe the surrounding ecology, and learn to make strawberry jam, egg waffles, etc.

“Little Strawberry Craftsmen” is targeted towards school-age children. They will experience the complete process of planting strawberries and caring for them at home. They will also learn how to make strawberry jam and potted cakes. “Strawberry Farmer” is for children of all ages. In addition to learning the process of strawberry planting, they can also go to the farm to pick and make strawberry mochi, paired with a glass of freshly made smoothie.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


About 16,000 strawberries are planted on the farm, including Meiji Strawberry, Perfume Strawberry and Angelonia Strawberry. The most popular among them is the Meiji. Its fruit is big, sweet, and bright red. The Japanese white strawberry is also highly anticipated. The white is romantic and pure, while the red is blissful and joyful.

Birds have always been a big problem for strawberry farms. Some strawberry farms hang fluorescent vests up high, and birds avoid the area when they see something shaking. But here we have the unexpected protection of the “Cat King”. “Cat King” was originally a stray cat. One day, he wandered around the farm, and at the same time the owner found that the bird problem had decreased. It turned out that the pregnant cat mother was guarding the place. The owner GuoJingQi fed her and provided a safe place for the birth of her kittens. The kittens continued the work of their mother, walking around the park all day long, and helped reduce the bird problem by more than half. Now the cats have become the mascot of the park.

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No. 8-2, Ln. 40, Sec. 3, Zhinan Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116026 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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