The Abandoned Abalone Pond undergoes a Transformation
The Holy Trinity of Gongliao Seafood

The Li family has lived in Gongliao over generations, depending on the sea for livelihood for over 200 years. They have beared witness to the peak of Gongliao farming, as well as experienced the dark days of disease and death.


This is the true story of how Li Shengxing, a tenth-generation member of the family who returned to his hometown, unwilling to stay stagnant, worked hard to bring the abandoned abalone pool back to life.

The “Nicestore Abalone Aquaculture” established in 2011 not only bred abalones, but also bred white shrimp and seagrapes using seawater circulation, delivering fresh and frozen processed products from the place of origin to the customers’ dining table. The “Northeast Fishing Village Experience Tour” allows tourists not only get to know the story and ecology of Gongliao abalone, but also grill and taste freshly caught seafood on the spot.


Xinbei Gongliao, which is known as “Taiwan’s Kingdom of Abalones”, is located in the northeast, with ocean currents passing by a unique natural shore terrain. The coming and going currents bring nutrient-rich seawater into the semi-open seawater farms. The “Nicestore Abalone Aquaculture” pool is crystal clear, and the light-aversive abalone hide in the crevices of the stones at the bottom of the pool. Li Shengxing says that abalone fry are released into the seawater farm around April, and become mature and fleshy in October around the Mid-Autumn Festival, when divers have to be hired to dive into the pool and harvest the abalone.

The farming method of “Nicestore Abalone Aquaculture” keeps pace with the times, and is both environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Seawater needs to be extracted during the process of abalone breeding. In the past, the seawater was drained off. Now that there are white shrimps, the seawater in the abalone pond can be pumped into the white shrimp pond. Not only is the seawater reused, it also saves electricity.

Features of Agricultural Tourism

Fish Farming

As for the crystal-clear clusters of “long-stem grape algae” beside the white shrimp breeding pond, those are sea grapes, also known as ” the caviar of the plants”. Sea grapes have the ability to purify water, allowing the small white shrimp to grow healthily during the growth process of four to five months without the need of chemicals. Meat of white shrimp cultured in seawater is fresher, sweeter and delicious.

“Nicestore Abalone Aquaculture” launched the “One-day Fishing Village Experience”. First, you will learn about abalone, experience the feeding of abalone for yourself, have a taste of the DIY grilled abalone and other activities, leaving behind truly unforgettable memories.


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No. 65-3, Meiyanshan St., Gongliao Dist., New Taipei City 228002 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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