"Eco-Healing" Travelling with plants NUOMI BRIDGE STUDIO

In 2018, the “Nuomi Bridge Studio” in Guoxing Township, Nantou launched a healing and rejuvenating experience – the “DIY Juniper Potted Plant” tour, amazing everyone on its launch.

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Encompassing an area of ​​one hectare, the “Nuomi Bridge Studio” is located next to the “Nuomi Bridge”, a third-grade historic site, it is a pretty well-known landmark tourist spot in Nantou. The specialty garden in the interior layout was created by Mei Junyi. In addition to the DIY hand-brewed coffee and the leaf vein rubbings experience, in 2018 the Nuomi Bridge Studio launched the “DIY Juniper Potted Plant” experience. Juniper is fun and easy to grow. With patience you can also shape the tree according to your preference. The experience is rejuvenating and can be enjoyed all year round, a rare value-added trip within the tourism industry.

2-1 69年次的梅峻譯對小品真柏有一股熱愛,推動帶著小品真柏去旅行,療癒自己也療癒他人。

Plants normally require precise care, but juniper species can survive even in poor soil as long as they maintain adequate moisture. Compared with the five-leaf pine, which is also a coniferous tree, the juniper will still sprout new buds and branches in spring even when the leaves are reduced. it can still be sculpted after three years of planting, therein lies the joy of its planting.



A lot of juniper planted in the Guoxing are sold to various places. Combined with “eco-healing”, tourists can plant small juniper here and mold their unique beauty with aluminum wires. At the end of the activity, Mei Junyi reminds people that the best way to take care of small bonsai is to choose a place with suitable light and good ventilation. It is recommended to add a filter basin under the potted plant. After the water flows out, let it sit in the pot for 30 minutes to allow the roots to absorb water from bottom to top, so that the juniper can be kept healthy and evergreen. You can even take juniper bonsais on your travels. It is not noisy and bothers no one, making bonsais a very suitable travelling companion.

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No.24-2, Ln. 143, Changbei Rd.
Guoxing Township, Nantou County 544003
Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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