Professional Onion Farmers - Macaron Scallion Pancakes - Colorful and Pleasing Onion Baby Farm

When you visit “Onion Baby Farm” and have professional onion farmers as guides, that is the most valuable experience.

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The Huang Zhixiong family has been cultivating green onions in Sanxing since the early days. Back then, the “Lanyang No. 1” (name of the scallion variety) made a name for itself in the Sanxing area, and the name “Sanxing Scallion” became practically synonymous with quality. From their early days as scallion farmers, the Huang family transitioned into a scallion pancake factory. Supplying renowned hotels with their pancakes and continuing the use of the delicate and petite Lanyang No. 1 variety. In addition to first-grade scallions, they also process second-grade scallion pancakes, mutually benefiting scallion farmers in the vicinity. With the recent development of leisure farms, Huang Zhixiong’s business acumen led the Huang family to gradually transform their own farm, allowing visitors to experience being a scallion farmer. The cultivation of Lanyang No. 1, which looks inconspicuous on the outside but is unmatched in taste, serves as the best example of not judging ingredients purely by their appearance. Huang Zhixiong explained that through entertaining explanations, everyone gains a deeper understanding of Sanxing scallions. When they go to the market in the future, they won’t just pick scallions based on appearance; they’ll also ask the sellers if these are the Lanyang No. 1 variety. Buyers who ask such questions are veterans indeed.

Donning straw hats and stepping into the scallion fields, everyone transforms joyfully into Instagram influencers, snapping plenty of photos along the way. The guide for the day points out that The Lanyang No. 1 variety may seem relatively small and malnourished, but it’s actually the most delicious variety. Despite the lower yield of scallions in summer, Onion Baby Farm continues planting for seed preservation as well as to educate visitors. Despite their somewhat withered appearance, the scallions are still remarkably tender and flavorful.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


The standout feature of “Onion Baby Farm” is its colorful macaron scallion pancakes. The pancake skins derive their colors from purple sweet potatoes, strawberries, pumpkins, and vegetables. After selecting their preferred crust color, everyone follows instructions to flatten the dough, add in plenty of scallions, then roll and wrap it up. After frying them with assistance from the staff, you can enjoy your own-made scallion pancakes within minutes. Additionally, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other animals can be found nearby and can be fed, adding to the fun and charm of the experience.

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+886-0935 723 580


No.79, Sec. 3, Dade Rd.
Sanxing Township, Yilan County 266005
Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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