Rich in produce, fruit picking is joy
The humble plum holds many surprises
Promotion Management Committee
Of Meiling Agri-Tourism Area
Promotion Management Committee Of Meiling Agri-Tourism Area

Tainan Meiling Scenic Area is located in Wanqiu Village, Nanxi District, which is the largest Meilin area in southern Taiwan…

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Tainan Meiling Scenic Area is located in Wanqiu Village, Nanxi District, which is the largest Meilin area in southern Taiwan. The Wulong Trail, Meifeng Ancient Road, Guanyin Path along with twenty-odd hiking trails are the main attractions here. You can see Zengwen Reservoir from the top of the mountain, and gaze down on the Jianan Plain. The beautiful scenery and the natural ecology are a must-see.

Meiling, formerly known as “Banana Mountain”, is famous for producing bananas. With the decline of the export market in Japan, plums have been planted instead on this area of ​​over 500 hectares. The green plums (‘mei’) and white flowers all over the mountain led to its namesake of “Meiling”. Mango, longan, lychees, dates, carambola, papaya, guava, pineapples, bananas and other produce are also planted here. The Leisure Farmland currently has 76 members, and possesses viewing orchards, specialty restaurants, ecological parks, camping areas, and more.

At the foot of the mountain, the three businesses of “Wu Jiande Orchard”, “Zao Daole”, and “Plumchang” connect their specialties so that tourists can pick guavas and dates, and participate in agricultural activities such as bagging, pruning, composting, among others, and also observe the green plum refining process, see homemade plum juice and lemon enzymes, taste the sweet and sour candied fruit, and have a taste of the signature plum chicken, all suited for a half-day or full day trip.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


“Wu Jiande Orchard” — 74-year-old fruit farmer Wu Jiande currently plants pearl guava and red heart guava that can be harvested all year round. Sweet guava can be savored, and bagging and pruning can be experienced, as he happily guides and imparts 50 years of agricultural experience, while also reducing his own labors.

“Zao Daole” orchard — About 7,000 square meter of jujube orchards on the land are weeded manually, and coarse bran, eggs, and milk are used as fertilizers to enhance soil quality. “When the fruit trees are healthy, jujube is delicious!” The owner, 52-year-old Huang Guizhen, feels that environmentally-friendly agriculture not only safeguards the land, but also offers business opportunities. The production season ranges from January to March. In addition, activities such as “Jujube Chicken” and composting fallen leaves are very popular with parents and children alike.

“Plumchang” specialty agricultural products — The owner and his wife, Zhang Tianshan (63), and Xu Yuhua (59), have Planted approximately 15 hectares of thousands of 60-year-old plum trees. The couple have burned through hundreds of ceramic pots, discarded countless plums, before finally successfully reproducing the green plum essence of the 1930s. Candied fruit and plum sauce, among others, are sold at “Plumchang”. Cooking a plum meal, as well as other related DIY experience, is available for a tasty and fun experience.

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No. 310, Xiangjiaoshan, Nanxi Dist., Tainan City


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