Go strawberry picking by MRT and mini bus. The romantic fragrance of strawberries is in Taipei. S. Garden Leisure Farm
S. Garden Leisure Farm
At 11:00 am on the weekend, the people waiting in line at the gate enter the Farm one after another. However, they do not rush to pick strawberries. Instead, they take …
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At 11:00 am on the weekend, the people waiting in line at the gate enter the Farm one after another. However, they do not rush to pick strawberries. Instead, they take photos in every corner of the Farm. The Farm not only attracts visitors with its delicate and tender greenhouse strawberries, which are certified as Treaceable Agriculture Products, but also attract them with exquisite dishes, flower tunnels, and the owner’s ingenious decoration. The first impression the Farm gives is that it is “happy and romantic.”

Every December to the following May, Neihu Strawberry Season vastly satisfies the cravings of people in Taipei. The place is conveniently accessible. Take Small 2 Bus by walking for 1 minute from MRT Neihu Station. It takes about 15 minutes to arrive at the strawberry farms in Baishihu Community, Bishan Rd. Among them, the exquisite and lovely S. Garden is the first one on the route. With six greenhouse strawberry farms, the Farm produces mainly Aroma and Bijin-Hime. Here, the exclusively served strawberry pizza attracts many tourists.

The owner of the Farm Chan, Min-Hsia is the second-generation daughter-in-law. she helps manage the Farm with her husband Lin, Liang-Ching. “The mother was honored as one of ten female Shen-nong Award in the 1970s. She is really good at growing fruit and vegetables”.Her son and daughter-in-law helped throughout the transformation of the farm .The mother-in-law helps with the farming; the father-in-law helps pave the floor; the elder brother makes a green wall with the steel used to plant pitayas. The whole family works on the overall construction of the Farm together.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Ruby pizza has become a best-seller. Strawberry wine beef stew is also very popular
Visitors pick strawberries with a pair of scissors and a basket in hands. Then they buy the strawberries according to their weight. They can also make reservations for strawberry and pitaya potted plants DIY, natural and preservative-free jam DIY, and more such activities. Furthermore, most tourists dine here. Among all the dishes, “strawberry pizza” is the bestseller. Looking at these “rubies” that have become a delicious dish on the table makes the tourists smile.

“Tourists only pick large strawberries. The mother-in-law would look around the Farm and pick the strawberries the farmer would consider small but ripe and beautiful and tell her daughter-in-law that these look good and she should take them back for her grandsons.” The second-generation daughter-in-law Chan, Min-Hsia first turned the strawberries into jams for toast. Later, she made pizza spread with freshly cooked mulberry and roselle jams with walnuts to increase texture, in addition to large strawberries. With different layers of taste, the tourists are amazed by this dish. It was an instant bestseller. Strawberry wine beef stew and chicken thighs with strawberries and perillas are also popular dishes.
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No. 38-2, Bishan Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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