Perfect combination of wood art and
the food farming experience

Taking over “Sanhe Wood Art” from his father Lin Qinghe, Lin Jiawei says that over 50 years ago his father relied on his craftsmanship that he taught himself by helping to repair people’s furniture,to establish a woodwork shop that makes deity pedestals and traditional armchairs.  It was not until 2014, when “Sanhe Wood Art” joined with the “Street Corner Pavilion of Daxi Woodcraft Ecological Museum” that it gradually shifted from original equipment manufacturing to creating its own brand, and even began to develop its own woodwork course.

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“Sanhe Wood Art” is connected with more than 10 organic farms in the community, such as “Nina Organic Farm”, “Wuji Organic Farm”, “Sifan Natural Farm”, etc. Tourists not only get to visit the farms, but also get to partake in DIY tofu, handmade jam, and kiln-baked pizza experience based on the agricultural products of the season.

Before the DIY tofu, tourists first have to make tofu molds by hand. After DIY jam is done, they use wooden spatulas they made themselves, and the freshly made pizza is served on self-made wooden pizza plates. This way, tourists make wood products that come in handy immediately.

The workshop often entertains groups of tourists who have never done any carpentry, including children who have never even held a saw. Lin Jiawei included the “tenon joint” technique into the course, and made sure the woodwork involved could be completed within one day, before finalizing an itinerary after repeated trial and error.



Lin Jiawei says that different types of wood have different properties, just like a person’s personality. The material has to be suited for its application. Many products made in the “Sanhe Wood Art” woodcraft experience course are utensils. However, cypress wood is fragrant but the smell is too strong. Taiwan fir secretes oil, and some people are allergic to the sap of Burmese teak. If these wood are not treated, they are not suitable to be made into utensils. Therefore, Sanhe Wood Art chooses cedar with its softer texture and beautiful markings. Furthermore, when the workshop purchases wood, it makes sure to determine whether the wood is natural and never exposed to soaking chemicals.

Customized woodworking experience activities, ranging from more difficult foundation tenon techniques, to simpler triangular geometric coasters, mobile phone holders, multi-purpose cabinets, document cabinets, bread trays, are all available here.

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No. 36, Ln. 671, Sec. 3, Kangzhuang Rd., Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City 335015 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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