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Step into SchokoLake pass the iconic European chocolate wind castle, and you will see a vast chamber where a multitude of fruits are planted…

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Step into SchokoLake pass the iconic European chocolate wind castle, and you will see a vast chamber where a multitude of fruits are planted. Strawberries here are planted without chemicals, and Japanese harvesting techniques have been employed over 4 years to extract irrigation via the soil itself.

SchokoLake uses the tissue culture cultivation method where the tissue within the plant is developed into stem seedlings to breed new seedlings without diseases. In collaboration with professors at YuanPei University of Science and Technology, probiotics are used to strengthen the plant body, and the use of natural enemies help maintain the food chain within the ecology, physical deterrents to fruit fly infestation are implemented, making the strawberries more resistant to insect damage.

Wind and bees are the key factors in preventing deformed fruit. Therefore, bees are introduced during the flowering period to assist in pollination of the strawberries. Hu Kaihong, manager of SchokoLake, points out that bees are particularly sensitive to the environment. Only in a pesticide-free environment can bees fly and collect nectar freely. That also gives tourists peace of mind when they pick and taste them. It also changes the common perception that strawberries are always filled with pesticides.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Strawberry season starts in late November till mid-April the following year. During this period, the strawberry net chamber in SchokoLake will be open to visitors for fruit-picking. In addition to strawberries, peaches and tangerines are also for the picking. Freshly picked strawberries can be used to make DIY dried fruits, and mixed with chocolate to make strawberry chocolate.

Bookings are required for strawberry-picking activities. You may register at the orchard on the day itself. Accommodations are available, and those that stay overnight can also participate in guided tours where introductions to the netted chamber and relevant info will be given.

In addition, apart from strawberry plucking and DIY, a variety of strawberry products are available as souvenirs, such as strawberry milk, strawberry beer, strawberry wine, strawberry vinegar, among others. For a taste of strawberry dishes, you may order a strawberry salad, chocolate pot, or strawberry sandwiches made from fresh strawberries and butter.

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No. 76, Shuiweiping, Fuxing Village, Dahu Township, Miaoli County


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