Visit the Mushroom Village and Embrace the Beauty of Mountains and Lakes SENLON LEISURE FARM

Caotun Township in Nantou County boasts pristine natural resources, with irrigation water sourced from the headwaters of the Longquan Canal in Wuxi. The Jioujiou Peak on the right side of the farm acts as a natural barrier, gathering wind, rain, and moisture, creating an adequate environment for mushrooms at an altitude of about 300 meters, where mountains and lakes incubate good mushrooms.

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SenLon Leisure Farm was established in 1996. When the second generation, Hong Changhong, took over the business, Shiitake mushrooms were the primary mushroom cultivated using temperature-controlled facilities. That means the mushrooms are air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter. In 1999, the 921 earthquake destroyed the mushroom shed, causing a loss of power that was needed for temperature control, resulting in the loss of all Shiitake mushrooms. However, with change comes innovation, and SenLon switched to traditional cultivation methods, only growing mushrooms based on the season.

The farm owner’s entire family has been vegetarian for years, and all products sold on the farm are vegetarian. Even the Lingzhi mushroom concentrate capsules are plant-based. The restaurant serves various mushroom dishes, attracting vegetarians and religious groups to come and dine there.

SenLon Leisure Farm believes in natural planting. By producing mushrooms according to the season, quality is ensured. For example, Lingzhi mushrooms, wine cap mushrooms, coral mushrooms, and enoki mushrooms are grown in summer, while Brazilian mushrooms, white jade mushrooms, snow mushrooms, and wood ear mushrooms are grown in winter. By doing so, they not only adapt to the nature of the crops but also save electricity and conserve Earth’s resources, killing two birds with one stone.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Visitors can purchase fresh mushrooms on-site at SenLon farm, and also buy various dried mushrooms produced on the farm, including shiitake mushrooms, coral mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, Lingzhi mushrooms, Brazilian mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms, and enoki mushrooms. Mushroom cakes can be enjoyed as snacks, made from whichever mushrooms are abundant at the time, which are typically wine cap mushrooms in summer and possibly white jade mushrooms in winter.

The diversity of seasonal mushrooms is a major feature of SenLon Farm. Visitors can book guided tours of the mushroom sheds or experience making mushroom air-tight packs, which can be taken home to observe the life cycle of fungi. Additionally, SenLon uses their own home-grown mushrooms in their cuisine, offering various vegetarian set meals including Brazilian mushroom risotto, nourishing pumpkin hot pot, Brazilian mushroom hot pot, as well as Lingzhi coffee and wood ear mushroom milk, allowing visitors to see, touch mushrooms, and savor the flavor of mushrooms.

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No.35-21, Qingzhai Ln., Caotun Township, Nantou County 542, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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