The gushing spring under the Maxi Mountain contains a rich eco-system and delicious food. Shin Liu Farm
Wetlands are the lungs of the environment. Fataan, located in Guangfu, Hualien, has the most famous wetland in Eastern Taiwan. Shin Liu Farm is in this region…
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Wetlands are the lungs of the environment. Fataan, located in Guangfu, Hualien, has the most famous wetland in Eastern Taiwan. Shin Liu Farm is in this region, and more than 20 years ago it turned a fishing pond into a leisure farm. The owner of the farm, Chu Chin-Lang, gave up his job and life in the city as he wished to be a farmer. He feels especially assured whenever he holds a hoe. Therefore, returning to his hometown and combining local culture and food, he established an ideal farm of his own. He is also an important driving force to the development of ecological tourism in Fataan Wetland.
The underground water originating from the Central Mountain comes out of the ground at the foot of the Maxi Mountain. Fudeng River, where the gushing spring converges, passes through the wetland. Covered with plants, the whole wetland is green. The bog underneath breeds aquatic creatures of all varities. The moisture content of the land is high. During the age of agriculture, farmers harvested very little there, so they grew aquatic plants, and would often culture fish, resulting in the coexistence of agriculture and fisheries.The fish pond attracts anglers because of its pure and clean gushing spring water. Fresh and delicate, the fish contain a natural sweetness. Taking advantage of the gushing spring fish pond, the farm breeds tilapias, vastly popular in the market. Cleansed by the pure water, the fish do not smell. Simply baked with salt, the fish tastes tender and moist. This has become a signature dish of the restaurant.

Features of Agricultural Tourism

Fish Farming

The Palakaw fishing method is a model for the co-existence of human and nature. Visitors can experience the traditional Amis ecological fishing method of Palakaw in Shin Liu Farm. The Amis would construct a fishing area at Fudeng River and open a gate for the fish and shrimp to go in and out freely. With hollow bamboo, brush pot tree barks, subcostate crape myrtle branches, Formosan sugar palm leaves and other natural materials, the Amis built a shed frame of several layers and put it into the river to serve as a habitat of different environments for fish and shrimp.The Amis have a unique form of traditional cooking for the fish that has just been brought on shore. You must experience it yourself to find out!


A major feature of the Amis food culture is that they are known as the tribe most proficient in the collection and consumption of wild vegetables. Rare fruits and vegetables that appear on the market every season are a consistent highlight on the Shin Liu menu.
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No. 55, Daquan St., Guangfu Township, Hualien County 976 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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