Experiencing the Joy of Traditional Farm Life in the Vegetable Garden Shuijing Farm

The 1.3 hectare Shuijing Leisure Farm is situated in Xinjie Village, Mingjian Township, Nantou County, the surrounding environment full of a traditional rural ambiance. Owner of the farm, Wu Kunren, has multiple professional skills, and is a land surveyor as well as an accountant. Raised in a farming environment, he has always harbored a deep affection for the land and its produce. After years of preparation, he finally realized his dream of owning a leisure farm in 2019.

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Shuijing Farm produces pesticide-free, healthy vegetables using the local natural springs and organic soil, offering up to 50 different varieties. In addition to commonly consumed vegetables such as bok choy and celery, the farm also cultivates rare medicinal plants like waterleaf and Chinese knotweed, which visitors can purchase on-site. The farm boasts a rich and diverse ecology, providing opportunities for outdoor educational activities, water fun, and kiln baking.


Preserving fresh vegetables is a challenging task, prompting Shuijing Farm to produce processed agricultural products using traditional sun-drying or machine drying. These products include dried daylily flowers, dried mustard greens, and dried turnip strips. The dried daylily flowers, devoid of sulfur dioxide, retain a natural light floral fragrance despite their dark appearance. Made from dried radish leaves in a traditional way, dried mustard greens are indispensable in Hakka cuisine. The dried turnip strips, also known as “black ginseng,” have been marinated for over 15 years. The farm’s owner began making them before the establishment of Shuijing Farm, making them even older than the farm itself. The longer they are stored, the darker they become, and the sweeter they taste in soup.

Features of Agricultural Tourism


Shuijing Farm combines agricultural education with a diverse array of experiential activities. Visitors can learn about the farm-to-table process and pick vegetables without having to bend down, as the farm owner has considerately planted the vegetables in elevated flower pots for convenience. The best way to taste the fresh vegetables is in a hot pot. Shuijing Farm eschews artificial seasonings, instead preparing an exclusive herbal broth that brings out the natural sweetness of the soup.

Many ancient farm tools are available on the farm, so visitors get to experience activities such as grinding stones and stoves, and grinding rice to make traditional rice dishes like rice cakes and rice noodles. Additionally, visitors can make mugwort sticks, a traditional natural mosquito repellent closely associated with Dragon Boat Festival culture. Visitors can take the fruits of their labor home, while also learning about traditional folklore.

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+886-911 609 911


No.17-6, Kezhuang Ln., Mingjian Township, Nantou County 551007
Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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